5 expert tips for landing a big promotion in 2017

5 Expert Tips to Landing a Big Promotion in 2017

The ultimate reward for great performance on the job is a promotion with a pay increase. But unfortunately, simply excelling in your field doesn’t always translate to a step up the ladder. Sometimes, you’ve got to go the extra mile to be recognized for all your worth.

To increase your chances of getting promoted, you’ll want to follow through on some calculated and well-timed actions. And with 2017 quickly approaching, it’s a great time to begin strategizing. Here are five tips to help you snag that big role you’ve been eyeing.

See the big picture

1. See the big picture. According to Mercer’s 2015/2016 US Compensation Planning Survey, more and more companies are retaining top talent rather than risk them leaving to join competitors. A clear sign of that is the rise of promotional increases as a percent of base pay. Pay increases for professionals in 2015 rose to 7.7%, up from just under 7% in 2014, while increases across the board averaged about 8%. So, check in with your boss regularly to discuss his or her vision for your role and for your team as a whole, and then do what it takes to meet those goals and prove your value going forward. Along the way, establish protocols to communicate your progress, and only ask for help when you really need it.

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Manage up and speak up

2. Manage up. And speak up. Managing up means proving that you’re essential to your boss by making his or her job a whole lot easier.When you know your boss’s work and communication style, you can be more productive and help him or her look great. But that’s just a start. In many professions, managers two or three levels above your own boss are the people who hold the authority to sign off on promotions. To put yourself in the best spot for advancement, work on getting noticed by those managers, whether through friendly conversations or through engaging presentations. It’s always great when your boss is happy and willing to advocate for you, but his or her praise could pack a bigger punch if you’ve built a rapport with the higher ups who have the power to green-light your step up.

Build trust and do the right thing

3. Be consistent to build trust. A promotion often hinges on one very important question: Can I trust this individual to succeed in this new role? To build trust with your boss and colleagues, demonstrate your credibility and reliability, as well as your willingness to collaborate with—and help—others. Listen more and exhibit the value you bring to the table. Focus on understanding your boss’s personal brand, and on scouting out new opportunities to help him or her excel. By playing a strong role in moving your manager’s projects forward, you’ll likely discover that when he or she rises, you will, too.

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Build your personal brand

4. Build your own personal brand. Your personal brand should communicate in compelling ways who you are and the unique skills you possess. And because it helps you to become memorable and valuable, enhance it by taking opportunities to show off your experience more often. For example, use your impressive client-facing skills in your next presentation. If being bold and creative are highlights of your brand, wear bright colors and show originality when it comes to managing clients and solving problems. In addition, take or lead a course or webinar, and focus on earning certifications that are relevant to the role you have and the one you’d like to move into. You can also take a less formal approach by reading up on new skills at home that could take you to the next level. Whatever you choose to do, communicate your efforts to your boss so he or she is aware of the extra effort you’re making.

Timing is everything

5. Know that timing’s everything. If you’re planning to ask for a raise, you might not want to wait for your annual review to plant that seed. Put the idea on your boss’s radar six to nine months ahead of schedule by communicating your significance and ambitions. Use concrete examples of how you’ve moved your division or the company forward, and then outline what you’re going to do in the months ahead to move the company forward through innovative solutions.

For more strategies that can boost your likelihood of getting promoted in the near future, look to SoFi’s Career Strategy team for personalized career coaching.

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