Guide to Getting a Customized Credit Card

By Dan Miller · September 01, 2022 · 5 minute read

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Guide to Getting a Customized Credit Card

There are many reasons you might consider signing up for a new credit card. Many people look at their credit card as simply a financial tool to help them meet their goals. For others, a particular credit card can be a status symbol. Meanwhile, others view the credit card they use as an extension of their personality. For these individuals, many credit card issuers allow you to personalize the design and appearance of your credit card.

Generally, if you want to get a customized credit card, you can do so when you sign up. However, if you already have your card and are wondering how to get a custom credit card, you may still be able to ask your issuer for a new card design.

What Is Credit Card Personalization?

Credit card personalization is the ability to design and personalize the appearance of your credit card. Many issuers allow you to customize the appearance of your credit card in different ways, such as by selecting a unique background, uploading a photo to serve as your card’s backdrop, or adding the logo of your favorite sports team. That way, when you’re using a credit card, it can become a conversation starter rather than simply a way to pay for purchases.

Keep in mind that the way your credit card looks won’t in any way impact what a credit card is and how it functions — customization is simply for appearance’s sake.

Banks That Allow Personalized Credit Card

The list of banks that allow personalized credit cards can change as different issuers update their policies. Here are a few banks that are known to allow personalized cards:

•   Discover: Discover allows you to customize any card to “show your true colors.” You simply need to log into your online account to select a new design for yourself or any authorized users on your account.

•   American Express: Sometimes American Express offers different options for some of their credit cards. This includes a rose gold option for the Amex Gold Card, or a Delta Reserve credit card partially made out of metal from a Boeing 747 airplane.

•   Wells Fargo: Wells Fargo allows you to use one of your own photos or a photo from their library to serve as the face of your credit card.

•   Chase Bank: The Chase Disney debit card allows you to choose from a selection of Disney characters to appear on your card.

Because policies change, your best course of action is to contact your issuer directly, either through your online account or the phone number listed on the back of your card.

Different Ways to Customize Your Credit Card

There are several different ways you might be able to customize your credit card. This includes:

•   Selecting from a limited number of design options offered by the issuer

•   Getting a credit card featuring your favorite professional sports team

•   Taking advantage of limited time designs

•   Uploading a personal photo to use as the face of your credit card

While some issuers will allow these options, keep in mind that how credit cards work and their specifics will vary by issuer. As such, some issuers do not allow for any credit card customization.

Guide to Getting a Customized Credit Card

There are particular credit card requirements and steps that you should follow when trying to get a customized credit card.

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Verify Your Account

Sometimes, you can choose your credit card customization as part of the initial application process, such as if you’re getting a credit card for the first time. In other cases, you’ll need to log in and verify your account in order to get a personalized credit card.

Choose a Design

Once you’ve been verified and are either in the credit card application process or account screen, you will choose your design. Some credit card issuers present you with a list of images or designs to choose from, while others allow you to upload a completely custom design.

Confirm Your Design

Once you’ve chosen your design, you will have to confirm your design to make sure that it’s what you want and that everything looks good. Your new customized credit card will then arrive at your house through the mail.

From there, the regular credit card rules — like the importance of making on-time payments — will apply, though you can feel like you’re swiping in style.

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The Takeaway

Different people view their credit cards in different ways. If you want to use your credit card as a way to express yourself, some credit card issuers allow you to customize the design of your card. Depending on the issuer, you might be able to choose between a set of options, while others will allow you to upload an image of your choosing to serve as the face of your credit card.

Whether you're looking to build credit, apply for a new credit card, or save money with the cards you have, it's important to understand the options that are best for you. Learn more about credit cards by exploring this credit card guide.


How long does it take to get a customized credit card?

You shouldn’t have too much of a delay for getting a customized credit card as compared to any other credit card. The one scenario where there can be a delay is if you’re using your own uploaded image. In most cases, issuers will have someone personally review each uploaded image to make sure it meets their standards.

Can an authorized user get a custom card?

While an authorized user can sometimes get a custom card, it will usually have to be managed through the primary cardholder. Policies differ by card issuer, so check with the primary cardholder and/or issuer to see what might work for you.

Can you change your credit card design?

In many cases, you can change your credit card design. You can find out if this is possible — and if it is, start the process of getting a personalized credit card — by contacting your credit card issuer.

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