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15 Entry-Level Jobs for Antisocial People

By Anil Sharma · July 18, 2022 · 4 minute read

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15 Entry-Level Jobs for Antisocial People

Antisocial people tend not to like being around others, which can sometimes be a barrier to getting certain jobs. In reality there are plenty of jobs that do not require any social interaction, making them perfect for an antisocial person.

What Does It Mean to Be Antisocial?

The clinical definition of “antisocial” is someone that shows no regard for others and does not want to be in the company of other people. However, in common usage, antisocial can be used to describe someone that prefers to be alone most or all of the time.

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Why It Can Be Difficult for Antisocial People to Find Work

Most jobs require at least some form of interaction, either with customers or coworkers. This can be a struggle for an antisocial person, who would likely prefer to find work that requires limited or no interpersonal interaction.

Antisocial people may also experience anxiety about job interviews, which are typically a prerequisite in the hiring process for many jobs.

What Makes the Ideal Job for an Antisocial Person?

An antisocial person may want to find a job that requires no interaction and can be done from a quiet and isolated location at their leisure. Self-employment can be a career path for antisocial people to consider or jobs that only require interaction through virtual (email, text, etc.) correspondence.

What Kind of Work Does Not Suit an Antisocial Person?

Any job that requires a lot of engagement with others, such as customer service or retail, would likely not be a good fit for an antisocial person. At the same time, any job that requires a lot of on-the-job training or management would likely not be ideal.

15 Entry-Level Jobs for Antisocial People

Antisocial disorder is often diagnosed at a young age. For those looking to start an entry-level career, here are 15 jobs that are well-suited to an antisocial person (with salary data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics):

Computer Programmer

2021 median salary: $93,000
Primary Duties: Write and test code and scripts that enable computer software to function.

Farmer or Rancher

2021 median salary: $73,060
Primary Duties: Oversee the production of crops, livestock and dairy products.

Writer and Author

2021 median salary: $69,510
Primary Duties: Write original copy for personal or business websites.

Aircraft Mechanic

2021 median salary: $65,550
Primary duties: Repair, inspect and perform maintenance on various aircraft.

Craft Artist

2021 median salary: $49,960
Primary Duties: Create original works of art for sale and exhibition using a variety of materials.

Truck Driver

2021 median salary: $48,310
Primary Duties: Pick up, transport, and deliver packages or goods from one location to another.


2021 median Salary: $47,940
Primary Duties: Operate mechanical- and computer-controlled equipment used to manipulate metal parts, instruments, and tools.


2021 median salary: $47,780
Primary duties: Prepare the bodies of the deceased for interment.

Medical Transcriptionist

2021 median salary: $30,100
Primary duties: Transfer voice recordings from physicians and other healthcare professionals into formal reports or other documents.


2021 median salary: $43,940
Primary duties: Read content and correct for spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors.

Assembly Line Worker

2021 median salary: $37,170
Primary duties: Use hand tools or machinery to produce vehicles, electronic devices and other materials and goods.

Animal Trainer

2021 median salary: $31,280
Primary duties: Teach animals skills such as obedience, performance, riding, security, and assisting people.

Veterinary Assistant

2021 median salary: $29,780
Primary duties: Feed, bathe and take care of animals in need of treatment.


2021 median salary: $29,760
Primary duties: Clear and sterilize buildings, schools, hospitals and other commercial businesses.

Crematory Operator

2021 average salary: $37,490
Primary Duties: Perform cremations, including the preparation and transfer of the body post-service.

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The Takeaway

Having antisocial tendencies doesn’t mean you can’t find a fulfilling career. In fact, many jobs offer solitude and limited people interaction, which can appeal to many antisocial and introverted individuals.

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What jobs require no social interaction?

Computer programmers that work from home, janitors that work night shifts, and farmers and ranch-hands typically have little to no social interaction in their day-to-day work.

What is a good job for antisocial people with no experience?

Artisan jobs, online bloggers, and transcriptionists all provide strong starting salaries and require no formal degree or experience.

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