30 Best Jobs for Introverts

By Anil Sharma · June 25, 2024 · 10 minute read

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30 Best Jobs for Introverts

People who are introverts can succeed in almost any job that interests them. Contrary to what many people might think, introverts aren’t necessarily shy, but they do like working independently or in small groups. They typically are drawn to inner thoughts and ideas versus focusing on external matters. In addition, they may prefer having some quiet time to reflect and recharge instead of a job that requires nonstop meetings.

Thankfully, there are plenty of jobs that can suit this personality type and offer a challenging and fulfilling career path. Read on to learn more about this topic.

What Makes the Ideal Job for an Introvert?

According to conventional psychology, introverts prefer to spend time with just one or two people, rather than larger groups or crowds. They’re not necessarily loners; in fact, many introverts have highly developed social skills. However, introverts tend to gravitate toward situations and environments where they feel less pressure to react or respond quickly or to engage with multiple people (say, constantly leading major team meetings).

An ideal job for an introvert may allow them to:

•   Work independently

•   Work alone or in quiet spaces that allow them to think and deploy their analytical and decision-making skills

•   Focus on one task at a time

•   Engage one-on-one (or “one on a few”) instead of in large groups

•   Leverage their empathy and creativity

What Kind of Work Does Not Fit an Introvert

As noted above, jobs that require a lot of collaboration with or presentations to large groups of people may not be a great fit for introverted people. Introverts are likely to be less comfortable with jobs that involve loads of group brainstorm sessions or that require them to regularly verbalize their thoughts and feelings to multiple people at once.

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30 Jobs for Introverts Without a Degree

Finding a rewarding job as an introvert means finding a career that suits your interests and caters to your inner-directed personality type, as described above.

Here are 30 jobs that can be a great match for introverts, with salary information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

1. Web Developer or Digital Designer

•   2023 Median Salary: $92,750

•   Primary Duties: This career is all about the design, coding, and development of websites for optimal performance and user experience. This could be a job where an introvert works solo all day, or it might involve small team collaborations. With its union of creativity and analytical insights, web development can be a great option for introverts.

2. Farmer or Rancher

•   2023 Median Salary: $83,770

•   Primary Duties: The image of farmers and ranchers working solo in wide open spaces is iconic. While that can be true, this career may involve some interaction with others on a work team. Primary duties are overseeing the production of crops, livestock, and dairy products.

3. Psychologist

•   2023 Median Salary: $92,740

•   Primary Duties: Psychologists can work in a variety of settings, from a medical center to private practice, but the field involves assessing and supporting cognitive and emotional wellness. This can be a very rewarding career for introverts who want to channel their empathy and social skills.

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4. Plumber, Pipefitter, or Steamfitter

•   2023 Median Salary: $61,550

•   Primary Duties: This career is all about installing and repairing pipe fixtures. There aren’t many meetings, nor lots of large-group interactions. Introverts can enjoy the focus and problem-solving this job demands.

5. Postal Service Worker

•   2023 Median Salary: $56,510

•   Primary Duties: Typically, this work involves collecting, sorting, and delivering mail to businesses and private residences or else helping post office customers. It can give introverts the opportunity to work alone or have small-scale interactions.

6. Social Worker

•   2023 Median Salary: $58,380

•   Primary Duties: Social workers help people resolve problems in their lives. Introverts who are empathetic listeners, enjoy helping others, and find lots of one-on-one interaction satisfying will likely enjoy social work.

7. HVAC Technician

•   2023 Median Salary: $57,300

•   Primary Duties: This job requires workers to assemble and repair heating, cooling, and ventilation systems. It can suit the mechanically inclined and those who like to be immersed in hands-on problem solving.

8. Environmental Scientist

•   2023 Median Salary: $78,980

•   Primary Duties: In this job, a person uses their knowledge of nature to improve the environment and human health. It can involve time in the outdoors and the lab, with opportunities to focus on and interpret research data.

9. Delivery Truck Driver

•   2023 Median Salary: $39,950

•   Primary Duties: For those who like lots of solo time and the feeling of being on the open road, being a delivery truck driver can be a dream job. Duties involve the pickup, transport, and delivery of packages or goods from one location to another.

10. Writer or Author

•   2023 Median Salary: $73,690

•   Primary Duties: Writing is a diverse career, ranging from writing fiction books to completing technical writing for manufacturers. It can allow an introvert to explore a particular passion of theirs in print and often involves a good amount of independent work.

11. Librarian

•   2023 Median Salary: $64,370

•   Primary Duties: This can be a fulfilling career for introverts; most interactions involve collaborating with individuals seeking help with research. Plus, it taps both creativity and problem-solving skills and usually has a not too frenetic pace. Bonus: Librarians tend to work in very quiet environments.

12. Physician

•   2023 Median Salary: $236,000

•   Primary Duties: This demanding career requires a high level of training. With a salary well into the six figures, this is one of the highest paying jobs on our list. It offers the rewarding work of interacting one-on-one with patients and other members of a medical team to help people achieve optimal health and to treat illnesses.

13. Roofer

•   2023 Median Salary: $50,030

•   Primary Duties: For introverts who value independence and enjoy problem solving, being a roofer can be a good fit. Most of the workday is spent replacing, repairing, and installing roofs on buildings and houses. Working remotely is not an option.

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14. Surveying and Mapping Technician

•   2023 Median Salary: $48,940

•   Primary Duties: Collecting data and taking land measurements in order to create maps of the Earth’s surface is a unique job, melding creative and analytical pursuits. It’s unlikely to involve many large meetings and can give introverts the “think time” they love.

15. Mechanic

•   2023 Median Salary: $51,940

•   Primary Duties: This job can be a good fit for those who like to work with their hands and problem-solve with a small team as they troubleshoot and repair automobiles and other forms of transportation.

16. Bookkeeper

•   2023 Median Salary: $47,440

•   Primary Duties: Love a good spreadsheet and balancing finances? Being a bookkeeper can provide satisfying work for those who enjoy working with numbers. The role also has potential as a work-at-home job for retirees.

17. Interpreter or Translator

•   2023 Median Salary: $57,090

•   Primary Duties: Provided one has deep knowledge of a foreign language, this can be a solid job for introverts, collaborating one-on-one or in small groups to convert one language into another. Some jobs may strictly involve texts versus in-person interaction.

18. Software Quality Assurance Analyst or Tester

•   2023 Median Salary: $101,800

•   Primary Duties: Techies, this one is for you: This path typically involves testing software to identify and debug problems or to learn how the software works. This can offer plenty of focused work time.

19. Marketing Manager

•   2023 Median Salary: $156,580

•   Primary Duties: This potentially high-earning career focuses on managing outreach to build a business or a brand. This can tap an introvert’s creativity and analytical skills. Small team meetings and travel to meet with clients may be part of the job.

20. Photographer

•   2023 Median Salary: $40,760

•   Primary Duties: Photographers produce, shoot, and potentially edit (hello, Photoshop!) images for personal or professional use. It’s a highly creative pursuit that may suit an introvert’s personality type.

21. Proofreader

•   2023 Median Salary: $48,790

•   Primary Duties: This can be a satisfying job, tapping an introvert’s analytical abilities and giving them space to think as they read content and correct spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors. Proofreading is usually a quiet, somewhat solitary profession.

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22. Landscaper

•   2023 Median Salary: $37,360

•   Primary Duties: There’s not too much large group interaction if you’re a landscaper. Workdays are spent maintaining outdoor grounds by mowing, trimming, planting, watering, fertilizing, raking, and other methods.

23. Physician Assistant (PA)

•   2023 Median Salary: $130,020

•   Primary Duties: Assisting both physicians and patients can put an introvert’s empathy and technical know-how to good use. It does require specialized training: A PA is one step below doctor and a step above nurse — similar to a nurse practitioner.

24. Animal Trainer

•   2023 Median Salary: $44,910

•   Primary Duties: Dog, horse, and other animal lovers may find this to be an ideal career, with time spent teaching animals obedience and staying calm, and assisting people.

25. Medical Transcriptionist

•   2023 Median Salary: $37,060

•   Primary Duties: Medical transcriptionists, as the name indicates, transcribe voice recordings from physicians and nurses and convert them into written reports. This can provide a career with plenty of “quiet time” for detail-oriented introverts.

26. Floral Designer

•   2023 Median Salary: $34,690

•   Primary Duties: A floral designer can spend their days arranging decorative displays using live, dried, or silk flowers, which can be a creative endeavor without too many big meetings.

27. Data Scientist

•   2023 Median Salary: $108,020

•   Primary Duties: Data scientists deploy analytical tools and techniques to pull valuable insights from data. This is a growing field in today’s digitized world.

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28. Teacher

•   2023 Median Salary: $64,390

•   Primary Duties: Teachers and instructors are responsible for helping students of different ages learn various topics and skills. The job may tap an introvert’s empathy, and it may involve small meetings with students or their parents. Bonus: Teaching can be one of those jobs that pay off student loans through the Public Student Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) program.

29. Hand Sewer

•   2023 Media Salary: $32,240

•   Primary Duties: Technically speaking, this job is about sewing and finishing items with needle and thread. It can suit craft-oriented, creative, and independent workers who like the mental space it provides.

30. Accountant

•   2023 Mean Salary: $79,880

•   Primary Duties: An accountant prepares or reviews financial records, tapping their analytical skills. This career can incorporate interactions with individual clients or businesses, which may suit introverts well.

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The Takeaway

There are many challenging and satisfying jobs that can suit introverts, from writer to data scientist to physician. In fact, many high-paying and rewarding jobs are well-suited to the personality traits of an introverted person.
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What are good jobs for introverts?

There are many jobs that suit introverts well and leverage their empathy, creativity, and analytical skills. These can include being a research librarian, physician, or landscaper, among other careers.

Is self-employment good for introverts with anxiety?

Self-employment can be a good fit for introverts who experience anxiety working with large teams or with multiple people. However, self-employment can also create stress if it requires you to find your own clients or manage a large workload on your own.

What is a good job for someone with introverted qualities?

Jobs that allow you to work independently and in quiet environments at least some of the time are generally better for introverts, as are those that involve one-on-one interaction versus large group meetings.

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