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Changing Careers So Soon After Graduation

Do you find yourself dreading the commute to work in the mornings? Do you feel like the work you’re doing isn’t fulfilling or interesting, even though you majored in this very subject? While the prospect of a career change so early in your life can be scary, it may be worth it for your future success.

A job change requires an investment of time and possibly money. But if you’re unsatisfied and are looking for a new career, making the decision now is the first step toward the rest of your life.

Here are some things to consider as you think about changing jobs to a new field or industry.

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The Importance of Offering 529 Plan Contributions in an Employee Benefits Package

Strong employees are the backbone of any successful business. And, when it comes to attracting and holding on to the best talent, it’s no secret that offering competitive and valuable employee benefits is one of the most effective ways to demonstrate a longstanding commitment to your team.

Some employers are starting to venture beyond standard offerings and extending into things like profit-sharing and bonuses, transportation and tuition reimbursement, and perks like free meals, discounted fitness programs, childcare, and other services to their employees. And, in many cases, these enhanced offerings are helping to set these companies apart from the rest.

In a landscape where so many companies offer comparable benefits, many strategic employers are finding new, innovative ways to anticipate and accommodate the needs of their employees.

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9 Companies That Help Employees Pay For College

Although a high salary can certainly sway a qualified applicant, these days, it’s not just money that talks. In fact, recent data shows that most applicants surveyed said that benefits and perks would weigh heavily in their decision to accept a job offer.

In the age of the tech startup, images of snack-stocked company kitchens and on-site employee gym equipment often dance in HR professionals’ heads, even when they’re impossible to implement.

But as exotic as extras like travel stipends or gym membership remunerations may sound, help paying for college—or repaying student loan debt—can go a long way toward convincing an applicant to take the gig.

It’s no surprise, then, that some companies are adding help with tuition costs to their suite of employee benefits, along with standards like health insurance coverage and paid vacation. Here are the creative solutions a few modern companies have come up with.

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Tips for Negotiating Your First Salary

Congratulations, you did it! You walked across the stage, got your diploma, and waded the treacherous waters of meddlesome job questions from friends, family, former professors, and even your pet iguana, Izzy. Now you’ve done what once seemed impossible: You’ve landed a job offer!

When landing your dream job—or any job—it’s easy to run straight to the champagne aisle. But before you pop the bottle and buy yourself sensible slacks, you’ll want to think about your salary.

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Highest Paying Jobs Out of College

The term “entry-level job” might bring to mind dingy cubicles, fetching coffee, long hours, or a small paycheck. However, depending on your degree and qualifications, this may not be the case.

With the right diploma and experience, as well as a stellar job search and interview, you could catch one of these coveted roles. A promising role right out the gate could mean financial stability, and paying off those pesky student loans sooner.

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