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Why SoFi?

SoFi understands your comprehensive financial picture. Which means we’re here to
help you move forward as you ditch your debt and increase equity.

Not a Bank

An investment plan that can actually help you reach your goals.

Exchange Traded Funds + technology = lower fees.

Our advisors do not have “commission” in their vocab.

Not a Robot

Our live advisors are here to help you—not to sell to you.

ETF portfolios are actively curated by our team of professionals.

Our one-of-a-kind community is here to help you succeed.

Start investing
without the fees

SoFi doesn't charge for your first $10,000 invested—and you'll pay just 0.25% per year after that. Currently have a SoFi loan? We'll automatically waive all SoFi fees for borrowers.

Account Balance

No trading, transfer, custodian, or commission fees.

Sofi wealth fee

For Borrowers



For Non-Borrowers


0.25% annually

Traditional Advisor


1.18% annually*

No trading, transfer, custodian, or commission fees.

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Investing Made Easy

Define Goals

We help you figure out goals and how much you can invest to reach them. Not sure? Our advisors will recommend a clear path to reaching them.

Select Investment Mix

We recommend a mix of funds that’s appropriate for someone like you, based on your age, income, and assets.


Once you’re happy with your goals and investment mix, open your account easily online.

Make an Investment

Deposit funds, sit back, and relax. Your portfolio will automatically rebalance, but you can modify it easily for free at any time.

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about how we invest?

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Put your money to work.
Start with as little as $100.

Invest Confidently

Adjust your goals, savings rate, and portfolio. Add money or take it out—no charge. Talk to an advisor at any time.

Learn with Us

Whether you get advice from mom and dad or Janet Yellen, our advisors take a no-judgment approach to get you investing intelligently.

Protect What You’ve Earned

Your career has gotten you this far. We'll recommend a plan to help you hit your goals without taking unnecessary risk.

Defeat Procrastination

Doing nothing is easy. But so is doing something right now. Invest in just five minutes.

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We are serious about security

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SoFi Securities brokers the trades for your SoFi Wealth account and is registered with the SEC and a member of FINRA.

SoFi Securities is a member of SIPC, protecting your account up to $500,000. For details, please see www.sipc.org.

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