Rule 606 Order Reporting

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) adopted Rule 606 of Regulation NMS that requires broker dealers, such as SoFi Securities LLC (SoFi), to disclose information on order routing practices. This is presented through quarterly reports, broken out by month, that present an overview of order routing practices and the relationship between certain venues where orders are routed.

SoFi Securities directs all trades to Apex Clearing Corporation, Inc. (Apex) for execution, and Apex makes all order routing decisions on SoFi’s behalf. Apex routes 100% of our orders to broker-dealers or market centers for execution. These market centers to which our clearing firm routes orders may include dealers who make markets in these securities. To achieve this disclosure requirement SoFi Securities incorporates Apex’s Order 606 report. This report may be viewed at:

Rule 606 Order Reporting – Apex

Rebates and order flow revenue shares are based on the third party order flow rebates or revenue actually received by Apex in respect of the orders of Correspondent executed through the applicable route or venue. Should SoFi’s execution activity generate exchange rebates they are credited against execution and exchange expenses incurred by Apex within the same monthly billing cycle. SoFi does not receive any additional rebate that is in excess of expenses. The revenue generated by order flow is split between SoFi and Apex 80%/20% in SoFi’s favor. With respect to payment for order flow the specific per share rates the firm receives from Apex Clearing maybe viewed in the following charts:

Rate Card- Equity
Bucket Rate
Non_Marketable (MKT HRS) $0.0029
Non_Marketable < $1 $0.0000
NMS < $1 $0.0000
NMS >= $1 $0.0015

Rate Card- Option
exch exchbucket Rate
Penny Simple $0.25
NonPenny Simple $0.60
Penny Spread $0.52
NonPenny Spread $0.80
SPY, QQQ, IWM Simple $0.21
SPY, QQQ, IWM Spread $0.51

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