How Much Does a UPS Driver Make a Year?

By Jacqueline DeMarco · April 02, 2024 · 5 minute read

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How Much Does a UPS Driver Make a Year?

While the median annual salary for delivery drivers as of 2022 is $38,220, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, data from Zippia suggests that salaries in the $40K to $60K realm are possible. What’s more, UPS reports that the average overall compensation package for a full-time UPS delivery driver is $145,000, which reflects the benefits package that employees can receive.

For those who like working independently and being behind the wheel, a career as a UPS (United Parcel Service) driver could be a good fit. Keep reading for a breakdown of how much UPS drivers can earn and what this role entails.

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What Are UPS Drivers?

UPS drivers pick up and deliver packages on a designated driving route for the UPS, a global package delivery and logistics company. They can have routes that include stops at residential and business addresses. You may well be familiar with the brown UPS trucks arriving and departing from your home or workplace.

Being a UPS driver can be a good option for introverted people since much of the day is spent solo, though there can be some social interaction when dropping off packages and getting signatures for them. Also, obviously, a UPS driver will need to be comfortable behind the wheel, in traffic, and ensuring that parcels get from point A to point B.

In terms of qualifications, you will likely need to be at least age 23, have a clean driving record, be trained to drive a truck, and be able to physically move packages of a certain weight (say, up to 70 pounds). If you have these qualifications, being a UPS driver can be a good-paying job without a college degree being required.

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How Much Do Starting UPS Drivers Make a Year?

If someone is new to working as a UPS driver, they shouldn’t expect to earn a top salary just yet. If you’re wondering how much a UPS delivery driver makes when they are entry-level, the lowest 10% of earners can expect to earn less than $26,740.

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What Is the Average Salary for a UPS Driver?

You’re probably curious about how much a UPS driver can make annually, or on salary vs. hourly.

The answer to that question depends greatly on what state they work in. As the table illustrates below, the average hourly pay for UPS drivers can range from $19.56 to $30.05.

These figures are well above the national minimum wage.

What Is the Average UPS Driver Salary by State for 2023

State Average UPS Annual Salary Average UPS Hourly Pay
Washington $62,505 $30.05
Maryland $61,709 $29.67
Nebraska $60,422 $29.05
Virginia $59,629 $28.67
New York $59,560 $28.63
Delaware $57,768 $27.77
New Hampshire $57,620 $27.70
Oklahoma $56,158 $27.00
California $55,951 $26.90
Massachusetts $55,194 $26.54
Vermont $54,335 $26.12
Hawaii $90,774 $81,140
Wyoming $53,284 $25.62
Idaho $52,592 $25.28
Connecticut $51,960 $24.98
Maine $51,899 $24.95
West Virginia $51,761 $24.89
Rhode Island $51,216 $24.62
Texas $50,950 $24.50
Alaska $50,914 $24.48
Pennsylvania $50,885 $24.46
New Jersey $50,597 $24.33
Montana $50,538 $24.30
Nevada $50,513 $24.29
North Dakota $50,498 $24.28
Arizona $50,017 $24.05
Indiana $49,697 $23.89
Minnesota $49,294 $23.70
Tennessee $49,247 $23.68
Wisconsin $49,032 $23.57
South Dakota $49,023 $23.57
Ohio $48,890 $23.50
Oregon $48,264 $23.20
Utah $48,259 $23.20
Georgia $48,251 $23.20
Louisiana $47,806 $22.98
South Carolina $47,733 $22.95
Colorado $47,552 $22.86
Kansas $47,541 $22.86
Alabama $47,122 $22.65
Iowa $47,070 $22.63
New Mexico $46,586 $22.40
Florida $45,476 $21.86
Kentucky $45,448 $21.85
Arkansas $44,646 $21.46
Michigan $44,626 $21.45
Mississippi $44,537 $21.41
Illinois $44,403 $21.35
Missouri $43,694 $21.01
North Carolina $40,675 $19.56

Source: Zippia

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UPS Driver Job Considerations for Pay & Benefits

A job as a UPS driver can appeal to those who have not earned a college degree and those who enjoy driving. However, this can be a physically demanding job, considering you are behind the wheel and carrying packages all day, and it may be stressful to be in traffic or dealing with the pressures of getting packages to their destination. Many workers, however, will enjoy the independence. It can be a good job for antisocial people, too.

Along with receiving a salary, UPS drivers also gain access to valuable employee benefits. This table highlights the current benefits for UPS drivers.

Healthcare Paid Time Off Retirement
$0 premiums Up to seven weeks vacation, 18 holidays, sick leave, and option days Defined benefit pension plan

Pros and Cons of UPS Driver Salary

There aren’t any notable cons associated with the UPS driver salary. These roles are in high demand and often regarded as having competitive pay and great employee benefits. The real question may be whether the job suits a particular employee’s needs and if they enjoy the challenges of the job, such as driving all day.

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The Takeaway

The average full-time truck driver in the US makes $38,220 a year, but UPS workers seem to average in the $40k to $60k range. In addition to pay, UPS drivers gain access to valuable employee benefits like employer-sponsored healthcare, paid time off, and a pension plan. These benefits can help people balance their budget and enjoy quality of life, personally and financially.


Can you make 100k a year as a UPS driver?

Yes, it may be possible to make $100,000 or more a year as a UPS driver, depending on where you work, how long you have been on the job, and what your specific role is. UPS drivers earn good salaries and on average, full-time drivers earn a compensation package of up to $145,000, according to UPS.

Do people like being a UPS driver?

Many people enjoy being a UPS driver due to the independent and consistent nature of the work. Those who would prefer to spend their days on their own versus working on a team could enjoy this role.

Is it hard to get hired as a UPS driver?

Because UPS drivers earn good salaries and have robust benefits packages, these can be competitive roles to land. That being said, UPS hires drivers all across the country so there are many job opportunities with this company.

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