May 22, 2021

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The Week in Review

Markets fell ~0.3% on Monday as investors balanced opening optimism and news of easing COVID restrictions against risks of an overheated economy & rate rises.

Markets gave up 0.6-0.9% on Tuesday, as investors seemed to focus more on weaker housing starts and inflation risks than that morning's strong earnings.

Despite Bitcoin weakness weighing on tech midweek, Nasdaq closed flat and SPX -0.3% following Fed comments that highlighted limited inflation concerns.

Toward the end of the week, investors shrugged off inflation fears along with some concerns over cryptocurrency volatility.

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This Week’s Top Stories

From Amazon (AMZN) to McDonald’s (MCD), companies are working to hire tens of thousands of entry level workers. Learn how corporations are dealing with labor market conditions here.

A number of retailers are dropping mask requirements for vaccinated customers as the CDC changes its guidelines. Learn how the rules are changing and what lies ahead for the retail industry.

Bitcoin’s (BTC) value plummeted as an announcement from Tesla (TSLA) and a statement from the Chinese government weighed on the cryptocurrency market. Learn more here.

Deep Dives from SoFi Learn

Dealing with money isn’t always easy, but it doesn’t have to drive a wedge in your relationship. Here are a few strategies to employ with your partner to make talking about finances fun, not a fight.

If you’re wondering how to afford a down payment, or how much the average down payment on a house is, our guide can answer your questions. Read How to Afford a Down Payment on Your First Home for more info.

There are ways to make the debt payoff process less painful–and go faster. Here’s Three Ways to Help Pay Off Debt Faster.

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This course is aimed at anyone who has debt, is thinking of taking on debt, or wants to better understand debt as part of your overall financial picture. The course will help you assess your current debt situation and understand the paths to paying off your debt.

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