The SoFi Guide to
Investing Intelligently

Everything you need to know to make your money work harder for you.

What You'll Find
Inside the Guide

How to Set Smart Investing Goals

The first step to smart investing is getting specific about your goals.

Investing 101

These three basic investing concepts will help you determine the best strategy to reach your financial goals.

Kick Off Your Investment Strategy

Create strategic timelines for each of your goals with tools to help you stay on track.

Review Various Investment Types

Decode the different types of investments that the pros have access to.

Get Started

Put your money to work.
Start with as little as $100.

Invest Confidently

Adjust your goals, savings rate, and portfolio. Add money or take it out—no charge. Talk to an advisor at any time.

Learn with Us

Whether you get advice from mom and dad or Janet Yellen, our advisors take a no-judgment approach to get you investing intelligently.

Protect What You’ve Earned

Your career has gotten you this far. We'll recommend a plan to help you hit your goals without taking unnecessary risk.

Defeat Procrastination

Doing nothing is easy. But so is doing something right now. Invest in just five minutes.

Invest Now

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