Tax Season 2023

A Guide To Understanding Your Taxes

Whether your goal is to lower your taxes or just file them on time, the key is preparation. To answer your tax questions, we’ve compiled a selection of informational articles on such key tax topics as capital gains, retirement savings, stock options, refunds, and more.

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Tax Forms

You’ll receive many documents during tax time. Here are the most common forms explained, and how to track down any that are missing.

Filing & Refunds

Whether you’re preparing your return or waiting on a refund, these how-tos and tips will help.

Deductions & Red Flags

Itemizing deductions can help some taxpayers get a larger refund than the standard deduction — just know that some deductions and credits can raise a red flag with the IRS.

Investing & Taxes

Learn how investment income from dividends, interest, capital gains, and cryptocurrency is taxed.

Retirement & Taxes

Planning for retirement includes considering your current and future taxes. These articles will help you understand your options.

Employee Stock Options & Taxes

If your compensation includes equity, it’s important to know the tax implications.

Loans & Taxes

Learn how student loans, personal loans, and mortgages can affect your tax situation.

Paying for College & Taxes

Whether you’re planning ahead or paying tuition now, there can be tax implications. Get the details.

Tax IRS Resources

The following links can help you file, pay, and check on the status of your taxes.

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