SoFi is committed to fighting racism, standing in solidarity with all of our communities, providing space for open dialogue,
as well as taking action as informed allies. We are donating $1 million to organizations that empower people of color and their allies.

Under the California Consumer Privacy Act, we are obligated to disclose to you the categories of third-party vendors we’ve shared certain categories of consumer personal information with, and for what purpose, within the preceding twelve months. The following is an up to date list of our consumer personal information sharing practices:

Vendor Category Description
Affiliate Partner Publishers used to generate traffic or leads to SoFi products and services
Bank Account Aggregation Used to compile and connect members financial information from different accounts (which may include bank, credit card, investment and other business accounts) to their SoFi account
Check Ordering and Printing Used for printing and shipping members checks for SoFi Money
Cloud Service Provider Cloud provider used for hardware, storage, servers, data center space, and network components
Consumer Analysis Services Software as a service used to analyze visitors clicks and navigation to improve SoFi products, services, and visitor experiences
Credit Reporting A credit bureau or agency that both provides SoFi with consumers’ credit history and score, and receives ongoing reports from SoFi related to member’s credit history and score
Customer Support Software and tools used by SoFi’s customer support team to address members’ needs and inquiries
Debt and Collection Servicing Assists SoFi in recovering money owed on delinquent accounts
Education Loan Certification Used to certify school attendance and student loan amount
eSignature Provider Used to send and receive documents (e.g., loan documents) that require a member online signature
Financial Risk and Advisory Used for due diligence examinations of various SoFi portfolios and generating analytic reports for investors in loan pools
Financial Services Used for administering, completing, and analyzing financial transactions as part of offering SoFi products.
Fraud Detection Used to protect SoFi and its members from fraud by helping to prevent money or property from being obtained through false pretenses
Government Entity Used to determine military status as part of the loan verification process
Identity and Account Verification Used to verify address, identity, and income
Investment Clearing Services SoFi partners that provide clearing services that supports all brokerage and trade related transactions
Investors Financial institutions who invest in SoFi loans through credit warehouse facilities, securitizations, and whole loan purchases
Loan Disbursement Used to disburse borrower student loans directly to universities
Loan Servicer A third-party servicer that collects and tracks payments of student loans
Marketing Partners SoFi engages third-party marketing companies for advertising, email campaigns, direct mail, and marketing analytics.
Marketing Software Providers Marketing platforms and tools used for campaigns, analytics, and advertising
Mortgage Used for sourcing and servicing mortgages, and home loan applications process
Payment Processing Used to process member payments
Property Valuation Services Used to perform appraisal services related to home loans
Reporting Service Used to generate ongoing analytic reports for investors in loans pools over the life of their investments
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