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Which Companies Accept Dogecoin and Other Cryptos as Payment?

By Matthew Zeitlin · September 30, 2022 · 8 minute read

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Which Companies Accept Dogecoin and Other Cryptos as Payment?

A growing list of businesses accept cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin as a form of payment, especially as crypto itself becomes more widespread and commonplace. Though Dogecoin is not as big or as popular as Bitcoin or Ethereum, it’s still gaining more and more acceptance among merchants and service providers.

That’s a list that includes airlines, professional sports teams, and many more.

Dogecoin Basics

Dogecoin, as of September 24, 2022, is valued at around $0.06, with a total market cap of more than $8.5 billion. While this may seem like a lot — and enough to put it in the cryptocurrency top ten, according to CoinMarketCap — it’s still relatively small compared to Bitcoin (valued at $19,000 with a $366 billion market cap) or Ethereum ($1,345, $164.4 billion). Yet, it’s still one of the top cryptos by market cap.

History of Dogecoin

Jackson Palmer created Dogecoin in 2013 as both a reference to the then-popular meme and to what was then seen as an explosion of interest in Bitcoin. In early 2018, during another huge runup in crypto prices, Dogecoin’s market cap reached more than $1 billion, which may have been seen as extreme at the time (it would fall back down to around $400 million), but was nothing compared to what was coming.

Between April and May of 2021, Dogecoin’s market cap rose from around $8 billion to almost $95 billion. After values dropped in 2022, it’s currently at around $8.5 billion. So, if you had hopes to see Dogecoin to $100, or to the moon, those hopes have likely been dashed for now.

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While traders can buy and sell Dogecoin like any cryptocurrency on mainstream exchanges like Coinbase, it does not have the buzzing hive of developer activity and use in businesses that others do. That’s slowly starting to change.

More than 240,000 people have signed a petition aimed at getting Amazon to start accepting the coin. While that request hasn’t gotten much traction, there are some businesses that have decided to start accepting it as a means of payment.

How Dogecoin Works

As for how Dogecoin actually works, it’s more or less the same as Bitcoin. Dogecoin is a virtual currency that lives on a blockchain network, operating off of a proof-of-work protocol. That means that participants on the blockchain network can mine new coins.

Transactions are verified and recorded on the blockchain, and new coins are produced, or mined, every minute.

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15 Companies That Accept Dogecoin as Payment in 2022

1. The Dallas Mavericks

The NBA basketball team, owned by billionaire Mark Cuban, is not afraid of the occasional stunt to get attention. In March 2021, the basketball team said in an official statement that it would be accepting Dogecoin for both tickets and merchandise. Cuban explained the reasoning for the decision:

   “The Mavericks have decided to accept Dogecoin as payment for Mavs tickets and merchandise for one very important, earth-shattering reason, because we can! Because we can, we have chosen to do so. We have chosen to do so because sometimes in business you have to do things that are fun, engaging and hopefully generate a lot of PR. So we will take Dogecoin, today, tomorrow and possibly forever more. For those of you who would like to learn more about Dogecoin we strongly encourage you to talk to your teenagers who are on TikTok and ask them about it. They will be able to explain it all to you”

There are some other sports teams that accept cryptocurrencies, too, like the NBA’s Sacramento Kings, the NFL’s Tennessee Titans, the NHL’s San Jose Sharks, and MLB’s Oakland Athletics.

2. AirBaltic

Around the same time the Mavericks said they would begin accepting Dogecoin as payment, the European airline AirBaltic made a similar announcement.

“As an innovative airline, we always strive to search for ways to improve the customer experience starting from the booking process. Over the years around 1,000 clients have used the payment option, which may not seem like a lot, but still offers passengers a unique payment option hard to find elsewhere,” the airline’s CEO Martin Gauss said in a statement.

AirBaltic is majority owned by the Latvian state, adding an official level of approval to a cryptocurrency that, as its founder has said whenever anyone would ask, is meant to be a joke.

3. Newegg

The electronics online retailer said in April 2021 that it would start accepting Dogecoin. “We’re committed to making it easy for our customers to shop however works best for them, and that means letting them complete transactions with the payment method that suits them best. To that end, we’re happy to give Dogecoin fans an easy way to shop online for tech,” a Newegg executive said in a statement.

4. The Kessler Collection

The Kessler Collection owns several luxury hotels throughout the United States. In March 2021, the company said it would “accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin.” The company specifically pointed to cryptocurrencies hitting “an all-time high” as a justification for the expansion of the number of currencies they would accept.

5. Twitch

Twitch is a digital streaming service traditionally used by gamers to broadcast their gaming and associated commentary. Though it’s owned by Amazon, which does not accept Dogecoin or other cryptocurrencies as a valid form of payment, you can use Dogecoin on Twitch. Users can tip streamers in a variety of cryptos, in fact.

6. Tesla

As of early 2022, electric car maker Tesla accepts crypto. Tesla accepts Dogecoin, too, but not all Tesla products are eligible for purchase with crypto, though, so take note before you try and pre-order a Cybertruck with your DOGE holdings.

7. Keys4Coins

Keys4Coins is a digital PC games store, which sells a number of different products and services in the gaming sphere. As the name of the company suggests, it does take coins (crypto coins) as a form of payment, too, including Dogecoin.

8. AMC

You can also buy movie tickets at AMC Theaters with Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, using the company’s mobile app. AMC’s leadership made the announcement in early 2022, and have said that they will accept other cryptocurrencies in the future, too.

9. GameStop

GameStop has embraced its place in the meme space, and has started accepting meme coins, like Dogecoin, as a form of payment. GameStop is getting deeper into the crypto space with NFTs and metaverse projects, too, and is also accepting a short list of other cryptos as well.

10. Bitrefill

Bitrefill is a digital platform that allows customers to buy gift cards or even cell phone air time with crypto. Given the wide range of gift cards available from the retailer, it could be a good way to get a lot of utility from your crypto holdings. Bitrefill accepts Dogecoin, and several other cryptos.

11. Sling TV

You can even pay for your monthly television subscription with Dogecoin, as Sling TV has partnered with a crypto payment processor to accept crypto payments. Along with Dogecoin, you can pay for Sling TV with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum.

12. Menufy

Menufy is an online ordering platform designed for use by restaurants. It allows restaurants to accept cryptocurrency payments through a crypto payment processor. There are thirteen in all, including Dogecoin.

13. ExpressVPN

For those seeking to cover their tracks on the internet, a VPN can go a long way. And now, you can pay for a VPN service using crypto like Dogecoin. ExpressVPN accepts several cryptocurrencies in exchange for using its service.

14. Sheetz

Sheetz, a chain of convenience stores in the eastern United States, is unique among businesses of its type in that it will accept crypto at the gas pump and in the store. That includes Dogecoin, along with Bitcoin and Ethereum.

15. Various Non-Profits

There are many non-profit organizations that allow people to donate money to, or pay them using Dogecoin and cryptocurrency. An internet search will yield many, many results.





Bitcoin Cash

Newegg Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Dallas Mavericks Yes Yes No No No
The Kessler Collection Yes Yes Yes No No
AirBaltic Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Twitch Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Tesla No Yes No No No
Keys4Coins Yes Yes Yes No Yes
AMC Yes Yes Yes No Yes
GameStop Yes Yes Yes No No
Sheetz Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Bitrefill Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Sling TV Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Menufy Yes Yes Yes No Yes
ExpressVPN Yes Yes Yes No No

Pros and Cons of Using Dogecoin for Purchases

There are some considerations, or pros and cons, to take into account when using Dogecoin to make purchases.

On the pro side, Dogecoin’s user base is growing, and so is the potential number of businesses that might accept it. And since Dogecoin is modeled after Bitcoin, it’s relatively easy to transact. It’s also easy to exchange for fiat or other cryptocurrencies, as Dogecoin is listed on most major crypto exchanges.

Conversely, though it’s become more popular, Dogecoin is still not accepted by many businesses, relatively speaking. It’s also worth noting that it’s an incredibly volatile asset, and could lose value before you’re able to make a purchase. Finally, there’s no supply cap for Dogecoin, which could affect its value going forward.

Pros & Cons of Making Purchases With Dogecoin



Growing in popularity Still not widely accepted
Easy to transact Fluctuations in value
Easy to exchange No supply cap

Buying Crypto Today

While merchants have not begun accepting any types of cryptocurrencies, many do accept Dogecoin. Given its volatility, however, it can be hard to know whether using Dogecoin to make purchases will end up saving or costing the buyer money.


Which retailers will accept Dogecoin?

Many retailers accept Dogecoin, such as Sheetz, GameStop, and Newegg. It’s likely that more will in the future, too.

How many companies accept Dogecoin as payment?

It’s hard to pin down just how many companies accept Dogecoin as payment, but the list is likely growing by the day. As cryptocurrency becomes more commonplace, it’s likely that more companies will accept it as payment, and Dogecoin may be among those cryptos.

Does Amazon take Dogecoin?

No, Amazon does not accept Dogecoin as a form of payment. In fact, it doesn’t accept any cryptocurrencies at all.

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