Part-time Remote Jobs With Flexible Schedules for Introverts

By Melissa Brock · January 03, 2023 · 15 minute read

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Part-time Remote Jobs With Flexible Schedules for Introverts

Are you an introvert in search of the perfect job environment? Introverts typically focus on internal feelings rather than external stimuli, and need alone time to thrive. Introverts often have excellent listening skills, avoid conflict, take time making decisions, prefer to work alone, and feel drained after being in a crowd.

A part-time remote job can be a good move for introverts. We’ll dive into a list of flexible remote jobs, the pros and cons, and how to evaluate remote job opportunities.

What Are Flexible Remote Jobs?

The most basic definition of a remote job is one that allows you to work from home instead of from a traditional office. However, there are some variations on remote work.

Some positions are 100% remote, which means you work from home every day. You do not need to be in an office at all or travel for your job. Hybrid remote jobs are partially remote, which means you may need to travel or spend time in the office for some of your working hours.

Finally, you might have the “option” of remote work. Some employers offer the option to work from home or go into the office.

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Pros and Cons of Getting a Remote Job

There are both pros and cons to getting a remote job. Let’s take a look at them.


•   Higher productivity: Remote employees are often more productive because they can get more work done in a quieter working environment with fewer interruptions. They take fewer breaks and experience fewer sick days than those who work in an office. (After all, germs spread throughout an office like wildfire.) In addition, remote workers can often accomplish tasks at a more comfortable pace without having to worry about office drama.

•   Better work-life balance: Working from home can improve your work-life balance, allowing you to spend more time with family, pets, or partner. Employees may also worry less about taking time off to care for a family member.

•   Saves on commuting: Remote work allows you to reduce your carbon footprint by not commuting or taking public transportation. Not driving to work can also save money on fuel, maintenance, and insurance.


•   Fewer teamwork opportunities: Just as it’s difficult to assemble a robust happy hour with a fully online team, it’s also harder to build true camaraderie. It may be more difficult for managers to build inherent trust with a team that doesn’t see each other every day.

•   Reduced social interaction: As an individual who works remotely, you may find reduced social interaction one of the most obvious downsides of working remotely. It can exacerbate feelings of isolation.

•   Less access to IT support: If you have a problem with your computer or need access to particular software, you might have trouble finding the same type of help as you would in an office.

•   Must be intrinsically motivated: It helps to be a self-starter when you work remotely. If you need the motivation of a team or an office to get you through your workday, you may prefer an in-person environment.

Why Are Remote Jobs Good for Introverts?

Working remotely at home can help introverts find the quiet space they need to focus. You may also find there are mental and physical benefits. Virtual meetings may be less intimidating for introverts, who may have trouble speaking up in large groups.

Remote part-time jobs also help traditional workers earn supplemental income. A free budget app can help you decide how much you need to earn per hour or per paycheck.

Where To Look for Remote Jobs for Introverts

You can find remote jobs for introverts on platforms like or Searching “jobs with flexible schedules near me” on Google might even yield some opportunities.

Take a look at company career pages on LinkedIn, or inquire within your personal network. Your friends or family may know of a great connection for a remote job.

How To Evaluate a New Remote Job Opportunity

Once you find a listing with potential, how do you know whether it’s a good opportunity to make money from home? Let’s walk through some ways to evaluate job posts.

Start by researching the company’s culture and values. Try to get a clear understanding of the nature of the company’s remote work and whether that environment has always been in place. You may also want to find out about opportunities for smaller gatherings with other remote employees for professional or social support.

It’s important to find the right fit even when an opportunity is entirely remote. Culture and overall environment can vary a lot between companies even outside the office.

31 Part-time Remote Jobs With Flexible Schedules

Below, we’ve compiled some remote jobs with flexible schedules that are worth considering, as well as passive income ideas. These roles have different degrees of flexibility, salary ranges, and educational requirements.

Some of these ideas could also be good work-at-home jobs for retirees.

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1. Graphic Designer

National average salary: $50,710 per year

Job growth outlook (2021-2031): 3%

Job description: Graphic designers help communicate ideas through visual organization and design. They work on a wide variety of projects for customers, such as advertisements, websites, print materials, and more.

Requirements: Typically requires a bachelor’s degree in graphic design as well as a portfolio to showcase past projects.

2. Accountant

National average salary: $77,250

Job growth outlook (2021-2031): 6%

Job description: Accountants analyze, verify, file, and interpret financial records. They prepare and explain financial statements, and develop financial reporting methods. Accountants work with a wide variety of organizations, from individuals and small businesses to large corporations.

Requirements: Usually requires a degree in accounting or a related field. Accountants can also pursue further certification, such as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). Advanced certifications may improve your chances of finding jobs with flexible schedules.

3. Computer Programmer

National average salary: $93,000

Job growth outlook (2021-2031): -10%

Job description: Computer programmers work software by writing, modifying, and testing code and scripts. They ensure that software meets performance, reliability, and security standards, update existing programs, and check for errors in code. Programmers work in computer systems design and other related industries.

Requirements: Bachelor’s degree is typically required, and you must also be proficient in several programming languages.

4. Drafter

National average salary: $60,290

Job growth outlook (2021-2031): -3%

Job description: Drafters convert rough engineering and architectural designs into precise technical drawings and plans, using software. The same computer-aided drafting (CAD) programs are used by many industries, outlining the dimensions, materials, and procedures for building. If this sounds intriguing, you may want to learn more about trades that make the most money.

Requirements: Typically requires a drafting degree from a community college or technical school.

5. Insurance Underwriter

National average salary: $76,390

Job growth outlook (2021-2031): -4%

Job description: Underwriters evaluate insurance claims, help decide policy coverage and premiums, and analyze risk using mathematical models. They may assess the risks of home, auto, or life insurance.

Requirements: Usually must have a bachelor’s degree to enter the field, though experience may count in this career. Underwriters must pursue certification to advance to more senior positions.

6. Actuary

National average salary: $105,900

Job growth outlook (2021-2031): 21%

Job description: Actuaries use mathematical formulas to analyze risk, including economic costs, for organizations. They collect and compile statistical data, perform risk assessments, and implement plans based on the data collected. Actuaries also use financial theory to determine risk.

Requirements: Requires a bachelor’s degree and a series of assessments for certification at different levels.

7. Data Scientist

National average salary: $100,910

Job growth outlook (2021-2031): 36%

Job description: Data scientists analyze information using specialized tools and techniques to help organizations derive meaning from numbers. They collect and organize data into useful formats and build predictive modeling for organizations. These scientists extract insights with the goal of increasing efficiency in organizations.

Requirements: Generally must have a bachelor’s degree in mathematics or statistics; some organizations require a master’s or doctoral degree.

8. Desktop Publisher

National average salary: $46,910

Job growth outlook (2021-2031): -14%

Job description: Desktop publishers design page layouts for online printed or published items. They review text, graphics, and other materials created by writers and designers, and use computer software to create various documents and products. Desktop publishers also collaborate with design and media professionals such as graphic designers and illustrators.

Requirements: Typically requires a bachelor’s degree.

9. Bookkeeper

National average salary: $45,560

Job growth outlook (2021-2031): -5%

Job description: Bookkeepers keep track of financial records by recording transactions, creating invoices, handling payroll, and balancing the books for a company. They provide up-to-date information about financial transactions for an organization.

Requirements: Some postsecondary education may be required.

10. Social Media Manager

National average salary: $72,845

Job growth outlook (2021-2031): 10%

Job description: Oversees a company’s social media strategy, which may involve analyzing data, driving customers to a company’s social platforms, understanding customer behavior online, increasing brand awareness, and planning digital sales campaigns.

Requirements: Typically requires a bachelor’s degree in an area such as marketing, journalism, or communication.

11. Online Marketer

National average salary: $60,334

Job growth outlook (2021-2031): 10%

Job description: Digital marketers use online channels to develop a company and its products. This can involve reaching out to customers, managing marketing campaigns, promoting products and services, data analysis, and evaluating new digital technology emerging marketing trends.

Requirements: Bachelor’s degree required in a related field, such as marketing, advertising, digital media, communication, website/graphic design, or English.

12. Data Entry Keyer

National average salary: $35,630

Job growth outlook (2021-2031): Flat

Job description: Maintains and updates databases with customer information for companies, compiles and sorts information, and reviews data to look for errors.

Requirements: Generally requires a high school diploma and on-the-job training

13. Medical Coder

National average salary: $54,797 (for certified and noncertified coders)

Job growth outlook (2021-2031): 7%

Job description: Medical coders update patient records after appointments for billing and insurance purposes. Medical coders assign a code to each diagnosis and procedure after patient visits.

Requirements: A certificate or associate degree may be required. The American Association of Professional Coders (AAPC) offers a popular certification that covers procedure codes for billing and insurance claims.

14. Sales Representative

National average salary: $30,600

Job growth outlook: Decrease of about 164,500 jobs over the decade

Job description: Remote sales reps sell products over the phone. They find customers, use sales techniques on the customer, and develop relationships to drive future sales.

Requirements: May qualify without formal education, but a bachelor’s in finance, business administration, or marketing may be required. Companies may teach you further techniques in cold calling, finding leads, and using sales techniques.

15. Online Tutor

National average salary: $30,886

Job growth outlook: 17% over the next decade

Job description: Online tutors do the same things as in-person tutors, including meeting with students one-on-one. However, they meet with students on Zoom or another online method instead of in person.

Requirements: Depends on the subject you teach, but clients/students may prefer tutors who list degrees or credentials.

16. Freelance Writer

National average salary: $69,510

Job growth outlook (2021-2031): 4%

Job description: Freelance writers and authors may write for a variety of media and brands: websites, newspapers, magazines, company documents, and more. Many types of companies hire freelance writers instead of hiring in-house. Aspiring freelance writers can jumpstart their career by trying it out as a side hustle.

Requirements: Writers should have a college degree in journalism, English, communications, or a related field.

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17. Film and Video Editor

National average salary: $60,360

Job growth outlook (2021-2031): 12%

Job description: Film and video editors work in film production by editing and assembling videos to inform or entertain an audience. They may manipulate footage, dialogue, sound effects, special effects, and more to create video content for a wide variety of sectors.

Requirements: Typically requires a bachelor’s degree in film or broadcasting to work for a company; on a freelance basis, a degree is likely not required.

18. Project Management Specialist

National average salary: $94,500

Job growth outlook (2021-2031): 7%

Job description: A “PM” controls every stage of a project, from planning to helping execute the final steps. They may schedule milestones, put together a budget, and assign duties to individual participants.

Requirements: Typically requires a bachelor’s degree to work for a company.

19. Information Security Analyst

National average salary: $102,600

Job growth outlook (2021-2031): 35%

Job description: Talk about high-paying jobs with flexible schedules — information security analysts fit that mold perfectly. These analysts keep company data safe from breaches and cyber attacks. They create plans to protect information from cyber criminals and assess system vulnerabilities within the organization.

Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in computer science and experience in the field.

20. Recruiter or Human Resources Specialist

National average salary: $62,290

Job growth outlook (2021-2031): 8%

Job description: Recruiters or HR specialists recruit, screen, and interview job candidates. They might also train, handle benefits and compensation, and work with individuals once they become employees. Those who work remotely may handle the screening part of the interview process or recruit remotely.

Requirements: Typically requires a bachelor’s degree in HR, business, or a related field.

21. Market Research Analyst

National average salary: $63,920

Job growth outlook (2021-2031): 19%

Job description: Market research analysts gather information about consumers and competitors and draw conclusions based on their research to help make decisions about the viability of products or services. They help companies understand the products people want, the demographics of the consumers buying them, and the optimal cost of an item.

Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in statistics, marketing, or a related field. Some employers may require candidates to have a master’s degree.

22. Freelance Editor

National average salary: $63,350 per year

Job growth outlook (2021-2031): -5%

Job description: Editors can work for organizations in many sectors. They may plan and edit content, conduct research, rewrite work, fact check, copy edit, proofread, and more.

Requirements: Typically requires a bachelor’s degree in communications, journalism, or English, as well as writing and proofreading experience.

23. Virtual Assistant

National average salary: $58,991

Job growth outlook: Grew by $4.12 billion this year

Job description: Virtual assistants can work for any type of company that requires administrative or clerical work. For example, they may schedule appointments, make phone calls, arrange travel, or manage emails.

Requirements: No degree is required but candidates may need to specialize in a specific area; must have a strong internet connection and an ability to communicate on online platforms.

24. Remote Trader

National average salary: $84,838

Job growth outlook (2021-2031): 10%

Job description: Remote traders handle financial investments, such as stocks, bonds, and other securities on behalf of clients. Traders must have deep knowledge of the stock market to analyze, buy, and sell investments on behalf of clients. Remote traders, who work for themselves and with their own cash, are also called “day traders.”

Requirements: Typically requires a bachelor’s degree to work for a company. If you work for yourself, no degree is required. Must have knowledge of the stock market and trading.

25. Search Engine Optimization Analyst

National average salary: $65,320

Job growth outlook: Will reach $77.6 billion in 2023

Job description: Search engine optimization (SEO) managers coordinate a company’s or business’s SEO strategy — that is, what will drive a website or piece of content to the first page of Google results. They may handle marketing, analysis, content, link building, and keyword strategy.

Requirements: Bachelor’s degree and/or related experience

26. Fundraiser

National average salary: $60,660

Job growth outlook (2021-2031): 11%

Job description: Fundraisers organize events and run campaigns to raise money, typically for nonprofit organizations. Fundraising might not seem as if it’s the best choice for introverted employees. However, a lot of emails exchange hands, and it’s still possible to do the job well even if you’re not the most outgoing individual on your team.

Requirements: A bachelor’s degree is typically required, with strong communication skills — but not necessarily verbal skills.

27. Telemedicine Radiologist

National average salary: $494,400

Job growth outlook (2021-2031): 6%

Job description: Radiologists diagnose injuries and diseases using medical imaging like X-rays, computed tomography (CT) scans, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans, nuclear medicine, positron emission tomography (PET), and ultrasounds. Telemedicine radiologists do all this via computer.

Requirements: Requires a medical degree and a residency in radiology as well as successful completion of certification exams through the American Board of Radiology.

28. Telemedicine Family Doctor

National average salary: $191,202

Job growth outlook (2021-2031): 3%

Job description: Some family physicians offer telemedicine-only options. The position might involve the same type of medicine as a regular doctor’s office, except physicians diagnose mild symptoms only and refer patients to other specialists. If you’re a doctor who finds a regular clinical setting to be too taxing as an introvert, a telemedicine option might be right for you.

Requirements: Requires a medical degree.

29. Telemedicine Psychologist

National average salary: $81,000

Job growth outlook (2021-2031): 6%

Job description: Psychologists observe and help patients cope with cognitive, emotional, and social problems and behaviors. They also help manage illnesses and supervise patient assessments with the overall goal of achieving wellness. Telemedicine psychologists interact with patients via Zoom or similar platforms.

Requirements: Typically requires a doctoral degree in psychology.

30. Medical Transcriptionist

National average salary: $30,100

Job growth outlook (2021-2031): -7%

Job description: Medical transcriptionists convert voice recordings from physicians and other healthcare workers into reports that medical professionals can use.

Requirements: Postsecondary education certificate is required as well as basic medical knowledge.

31. Virtual Health Coach

National average salary: $48,860

Job growth outlook (2021-2031): 12%

Job description: Virtual health coaches help individuals attain health and well-being by delivering plans to achieve specific goals or implement goals prescribed by doctors and other professionals.

Requirements: You typically need to earn at least a bachelor’s degree.

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The Takeaway

Introverts can find a wide variety of remote jobs with flexible schedules. Whether you prefer a second gig or a full-time job, you’ll find great ideas on our list. Some roles require specific skills or personality traits, such as bookkeeper, sales rep, drafter, or social media manager. Others are open to anyone willing to stick it out through the learning curve period, like data entry, medical coder, online tutor, video editor, or fundraiser. Jobs requiring advanced degrees are intended for current practitioners who are unfulfilled in a typical office setting.

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Is remote work good for introverts?

Yes, remote jobs can be good for antisocial people or just shy introverts. Still, it’s important to cast a wide net — including part-time jobs with flexible schedules — to find a role that aligns with your needs and preferences.

What jobs will allow me to work remotely?

The best remote jobs with flexible schedules don’t fall into just one category. Almost every industry offers some remote work options. The right job for you depends on your education, experience, personality, and career goals. Start with what you want to do, and then look for remote opportunities.

What is the best job for a shy person?

There’s no one best job that will fit any shy person, just as there’s no one perfect job that will fit any outgoing person. There are many work-from-home jobs with flexible schedules that introverted people may want to consider. Consider researching online, and contacting people you know about their positions before you make a decision.

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