25 Easy Jobs That Make a Lot of Money With Little Work Without College

By Emma Diehl · December 05, 2022 · 7 minute read

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25 Easy Jobs That Make a Lot of Money With Little Work Without College

Attending a four-year university isn’t for everyone, for financial or personal reasons. That doesn’t mean a high-paying job should be out of reach. There are plenty of jobs that make a lot of money without a college degree. We’re not talking about brain surgery or rocket science — too hard. Just normal jobs that pay well and may even be fun or cool. Is that too much to ask?

Here’s your answer: 25 jobs that make a lot of money for regular people.

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Why It’s Difficult To Know About Easy Jobs Without a Degree

The key to finding jobs that make a lot of money but don’t carry the burden of student loan debt is looking at growing industries with high demand. These roles may require some technical certifications or on-the-job apprenticeships. Still, they offer competitive pay, coming close to or exceeding the annual expected salary for someone with a bachelor’s degree.

Don’t miss this roundup of even more high-paying jobs that don’t require college.

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Pros and Cons of Easy Jobs Without a Degree

There are benefits and drawbacks to some jobs that make a lot of money without a college education.

Benefits of Easy Jobs Without a Degree

•   Beginning a career with little or no student debt

•   Entering the workforce earlier in life, with the potential to start saving sooner

•   Job security for roles that are in high demand

•   Less work-related stress

Drawbacks of Easy Jobs Without a Degree

•   Joining a high-paying trade or industry can be more physically demanding

•   Some roles require an apprenticeship or years of experience before you can earn a high salary. Entry-level salaries may be modest.

•   Lack of degree may stunt your earnings over your entire career in certain jobs

•   Jobs may be paid hourly, not salaried, which can impact earning potential

•   Less likely to accommodate work-at-home situations

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Who Are Easy Jobs Without a Degree For?

High earning jobs that don’t require a degree can be a good fit for many individuals, including those who:

•   Don’t traditionally excel in an academic environment

•   Don’t want to take on student debt

•   Are eager to enter the workforce

•   Have interest in a trade or technical job

25 Easy Jobs That Make a Lot of Money With Little Work Without College

Many jobs that don’t require a degree are minimum wage or low paying. However, there is a sweet spot where high-paying jobs and those that don’t expect a degree overlap. While some of the following call for certification or training, it’s unlikely to cost as much as a traditional four-year degree.

Salary figures represent the national median, and the job growth outlook is for 2021 to 2031.

1. Power Plant Operator, Distributor, and Dispatcher

Description: Control and manage the electrical power systems of a plant.

Salary: $94,790

Job Growth: -15%

Requirements: High school diploma or equivalent

2. Commercial Pilot

Description: Fly commercial airplanes and other aircraft.

Salary: $134,630

Job Growth: 6%

Requirements: Flight school

3. Elevator Installer and Repairer

Description: Install, repair, and maintain elevators and escalators.

Salary: $97,860

Job Growth: 3%

Requirements: High school diploma or equivalent

4. Makeup Artist, Theatrical and Performance

Description: Onset makeup application in the entertainment industry.

Salary: $124,380

Job Growth: 6%

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Requirements: On-the-job training or beauty school certifications

5. Fire Inspector and Supervisor

Description: Inspect buildings to ensure they meet local, state, and federal standards.

Salary: $63,080

Job Growth: 6%

Requirements: Experience as a firefighter; high school diploma or equivalent

6. Aircraft Mechanic

Description: Work on plane equipment, including maintenance and repair. While pilots tend to be extroverted high achievers, aircraft mechanic is a solid job for introverts.

Salary: $65,550 per year

Job Growth: 6%

Requirements: On-the-job military training or certification from an FAA-approved technician’s school

7. HVAC Technician

Description: Install, repair, and maintain HVAC systems in residential and commercial properties.

Salary: $48,630

Job Growth: 5%

Requirements: Technical school and/or an apprenticeship

8. Plumber

Description: Install and repair plumbing systems in homes, factories, or businesses. Plumber roles may include on-call emergency hours.

Salary: $59,880

Job Growth: 2%

Requirements: High school diploma or equivalent

9. Drafter

Description: Digitize and convert architecture and engineering drawings using software.

Salary: $60,290

Job Growth: -3%

Requirements: Associate’s degree or technical certification

10. Sales Rep, Wholesale and Manufacturing

Description: Sell goods, at wholesale, to businesses and organizations.

Salary: $62,890

Job Growth: 4%

Requirements: Depends on the industry. Technical sales roles may require certification beyond a high school diploma.

11. Physical Therapist Assistant

Description: PT assistants work alongside physical therapists in a medical setting to help patients regain mobility.

Salary: $49,180

Job Growth: 24%

Requirements: Associate’s degree, licensing, or certification

12. Radiation Therapist

Description: Administer radiation to patients in a hospital setting.

Salary: $82,790

Job Growth: 6%

Requirements: Associate’s degree

13. MRI Technician

Job Description: Operate the MRI machine to examine patients, and interpret scans.

Salary: $61,980

Job Growth: 6%

Requirements: Associate’s degree

14. Programmer

Description: Write and test code for a variety of programs and software across industries and verticals. Programming is considered a popular job choice for antisocial people.

Salary: $93,000

Job Growth: -10%

Requirements: Historically, roles have required a Bachelor’s degree. Recently, employers are considering candidates with certifications or bootcamp training.

15. Postal Service Workers

Description: Process, collect, and deliver mail to homes and businesses.

Salary: $51,730

Job Growth: -6%

Requirements: High school diploma or equivalent

16. Claims Adjuster, Appraiser, Examiner, and Investigator

Description: Examine and appraise insurance claims, from automotive to residential or commercial building damage.

Salary: $64,710

Job Growth: -6%

Requirements: For most entry-level roles, a high school diploma or equivalent is required. In some industries, such as auto damage appraisal, a certification may be required.

17. Construction and Building Inspector

Description: Inspect residential and commercial buildings to ensure they adhere to local codes and specifications.

Salary: $61,640

Job Growth: -4%

Requirements: High school diploma or equivalent

18. Court Reporter and Simultaneous Captioner

Description: Create exact transcripts of exchanges, including courtroom proceedings, or live captioning on television.

Salary: $60,380

Job Growth: 1%

Requirements: Training or certification

19. Sound Engineering Technician

Description: Maintain sound systems for live performances, broadcasts, and other programming.

Salary: $48,790

Job Growth: 10%

Requirements: Varies but often includes technical certification

20. Police Detective

Description: Gather facts and investigate crimes. Some police departments are currently offering generous signing bonuses.

Salary: $66,020

Job Growth: 3%

Requirements: Police Academy completion and on-the-job training

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21. Electrician

Description: Repair, install, and maintain electrical systems.

Salary: $60,040

Job Growth: 7%

Requirements: High school diploma or equivalent

22. Brick Mason

Description: Use concrete, stone, or brick to build structures.

Salary: $48,040

Job Growth: -2%

Requirements: Trade school or apprenticeship

23. Insurance Sales Agent

Description: Sell insurance, including home, life, and automotive. This is an excellent work-from-home job for retirees.

Salary: $49,840

Job Growth: 6%

Requirements: High school diploma or equivalent

24. Medical Sonographer

Job Description: Operate sonography or other specialty equipment in a medical setting to create digital imaging of patients.

Salary: $75,380

Job Growth: 10%

Requirements: Associate’s degree

25. Information Security Analyst

Description: Create and maintain security for a business’s computer networking systems.

Salary: $102,600

Job Growth: 35%

Requirements: Some employers may require a Bachelor’s degree, but other roles call for on-the-job training or IT certifications instead.

The Takeaway

There’s a potential to earn a high salary in many jobs that don’t require a college degree. However, it may require some research and certifications beyond a high school diploma. Some jobs that pay well, don’t require a degree, and may even be enjoyable range from the medical field and construction to computers and insurance. If you know someone who’s a brick mason or a sonographer, take them out for coffee to get the inside scoop. You might even offer to shadow them at work to find out what their industry is really like.

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What is the easiest job that pays the most?

One of the easiest jobs that pays the most is working as a makeup artist on film, television, and live theater. However, the role requires experience to reach the highest income levels.

What is the easiest job to get without a degree?

Depending on the industry, it can be relatively easy to get a job in sales with little to no prior experience. However, the role may include on-the-job training to get you up to speed.

What jobs pay a lot but are easy?

There are many jobs in the healthcare space that don’t require manual labor but pay well. This includes roles such as radiation or MRI technician.

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