8 Great Flexible Part-time Jobs in 2024 for Gen Z and Millennials

By Jacqueline DeMarco · October 09, 2023 · 8 minute read

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8 Great Flexible Part-time Jobs in 2024 for Gen Z and Millennials

Flexibility can be a real asset in a career. Maybe you’re young and figuring out your post-graduation path. Or you’re busy balancing the demands of running a home and caring for a family. Or you’re an athlete who needs plenty of time for training and recovery.

There are lots of flexible-schedule jobs out there, if you know where to look. Let’s check out some part-time jobs with flexible schedules.

What It Means for a Job to Have a Flexible Schedule

Whether you’re in college or caring for children or pursuing an unpaid passion, there are many reasons why someone would want some flexibility in their career.

But what does a flexible schedule mean exactly? According to the U.S. Department of Labor, a flexible schedule is one that allows people to work outside traditional 9 to 5 office hours. Aside from that, situations vary depending on the role and employer.

Workers may be able to choose the time they arrive at and depart work, for instance. With certain flexible work policies, employees still have to work a set number of hours per pay period or be available during a daily “core time.” So while the employee may not have to show up at 9am on the dot and leave at exactly 5pm, they may need to at least show up by 11am and stay until after 3pm. However, this type of shortened schedule could work for many people, including parents who are self-employed.

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Tips for Finding a Flexible Part-time Job in 2024

Flexible part-time jobs can be logistical, analytical, creative, or involve a skilled trade. When it comes time to search for flexible-schedule jobs, keep in mind these tips.

•   Stay focused. Job applicants who know what they’re looking for and what they can offer an employer can plan a more effective job search. If someone knows they have to have a flexible part-time schedule in order to accept a job, they can save a lot of time and energy by only applying for jobs that offer that. Trying to convince an employer to change their staffing plans is an uphill battle.

•   Prepare to hear No. Know that it will take a while to find the right fit, and that rejection is a normal part of any job search. Psychologically preparing yourself can help you persevere until the right job comes along.

•   Don’t be a square peg. If a flexible part-time schedule is what matters most, you may need to be flexible yourself in other areas. For example, accept that you may need to compromise on title, salary, or industry. Giving up the highest-paying job for one with a more relaxed schedule can be worth it.

•   Go remote. Work-from-home jobs with flexible schedules can often be easier to find than on-site jobs that have flexible schedules. When reviewing online job boards, look for flexible schedule remote jobs.

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Why It Can Be Difficult to Find Part-time Jobs With Flexible Schedules

It can be difficult to find flexible-schedule part-time jobs because many jobs require being in a certain location at a certain time. For example, a hairstylist has to show up for work when they have appointments scheduled. A restaurant has to know they have enough servers on hand during operating hours. Even a corporate job where some work can be done remotely and independently can require being online during set times so that it’s easy to communicate with coworkers.

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Great Part-Time Jobs With Flexible Schedules

Perhaps someone wants to take on a second job to help them pay down their debt or save for a dream vacation. Whatever the reason, it’s easy to see the appeal of a part-time job with a flexible schedule.

While there are countless part-time jobs on the market that can suit a variety of workers’ desired schedules, these are some of the best flexible schedule jobs for Gen Zers and Millennials. And if you’re in college, don’t miss our list of the best on-campus jobs.

1. Landscaper and Groundskeeper

Average hourly wage: $17.39

Job description: Landscapers and groundskeepers typically set their own schedules and plan which days they’ll tend to a client’s yard, but they don’t have to tell them exactly what hour they’ll show up to do their work.

Requirements: In some areas a license may be required to use pesticides and fertilizers.

Schedule flexibility: 4


•   Mowing lawns

•   Removing weeds

•   Planting and maintaining flowers, bushes, and trees

2. Recreation and Fitness Worker

Average hourly wage: $22

Job description: Running a fitness or recreation class can be fun and rewarding work that is often performed on a part-time basis. Many instructors can choose when they host their classes (like when their young child is in school), but they do have to stick to those times.

Requirements: Licensing or background checks may be required.

Schedule flexibility: 4


•   Plan programming

•   Run classes

•   Clean up post-class

3. Freelance Software Developer

Average hourly wage: $37

Job description: Many businesses hire freelance software developers to create computer programs and applications for business or consumer use. Some meetings during business hours may be required.

Requirements: Knowledge of select programming languages.

Schedule flexibility: 4


•   Write code

•   Test code

•   Meet with project stakeholders

4. Virtual Assistant

Average hourly wage: $34

Job description: Plenty of professionals can’t afford or don’t need a full-time assistant. Instead, they hire virtual assistants who can tackle administrative work for a few hours a week. Virtual assistance can be a rewarding job for introverts who are conscientious and organized.

Requirements: Office skills

Schedule flexibility: 4


•   Scheduling meetings

•   Managing clients’ inbox

•   Helping with administrative work

5. Freelance Copywriter

Average hourly wage: $28

Job description: A writer can work with many different brands as a freelance copywriter and can choose when they want to take on new projects and what hours of the week they work on them. Working as a freelance copywriter is also a great side hustle.

Requirements: Bachelor’s degree and industry experience

Schedule flexibility: 5


•   Research

•   Writing copy

•   Editing copy

6. Freelance Web Designer

Average hourly wage: $35

Job description: Freelance web designers work independently designing websites for a variety of clients, instead of a full-time job. Work-from-home web design can be a well-paying and fulfilling job for antisocial people.

Requirements: Knowledge of design programs, and HTML and CSS programing languages.

Schedule flexibility: 3


•   Design web pages and sites

•   Code designs

•   Present to clients and incorporate feedback

7. Freelance Editor

Average hourly wage: $31

Job description: Similar to copywriters, editors can work freelance for multiple clients.

Requirements: Bachelor’s degree and industry experience

Schedule flexibility: 4


•   Nurturing writers

•   Editing copy

•   Publishing content

8. Business Consultant

Average hourly wage: $37

Job description: A business consultant can offer services to multiple businesses who need support as a whole or who are looking to improve a certain area of their business, such as their marketing efforts, operations, or HR.

Requirements: Bachelor’s degree, master’s degree (more advantageous), or a certification from a business consultant association.

Schedule flexibility: 3


•   Assess potential areas of improvement

•   Create improvement plans

•   Find ways to cut costs

💡 Quick Tip: Income, expenses, and life circumstances can change. Consider reviewing your budget a few times a year and making any adjustments if needed.

The Takeaway

There are plenty of great flexible-schedule jobs that millennials and Gen Zers can pursue to give them the time they need to attend school, start a business, or take care of young children. Some remote freelance roles can be entirely flexible — such as web designers, writers and editors — while other jobs require your presence during certain core hours.

Choose whether you prefer a more physically demanding job — such as landscaper or fitness worker — or an office job that requires a laptop (like virtual assistant). It may take time to find the right position, so be patient. It’s also a good idea to keep an eye on how your money comes and goes to ensure you’re sticking to your savings goals.

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What part-time job has the most flexible hours?

There is no single part-time job that has the most flexible hours. That said, jobs where work can be done independently and remotely usually have the most flexibility. Jobs like working as a freelance writer or graphic designer are good examples of jobs someone can usually do during times that work well for them.

What job gives you the most free time?

Flexible-schedule work-from-home jobs can give workers the most free time because they don’t have to worry about a commute. It’s also usually easier to control your work schedule when you work from home. As a bonus, you can use your breaks to be productive — by tackling household chores or working out — or enjoy down time.

What jobs can I make my own hours?

Some jobs with flexible schedules allow workers to set their own hours. The key is to look for a job where the hours someone works doesn’t matter as much as the type of work they produce.

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