How Much a $450,000 Mortgage Will Cost You

By Lauren Ward · February 20, 2024 · 6 minute read

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How Much a $450,000 Mortgage Will Cost You

A $450K mortgage payment is between $3,000 and $4,000 per month in the current interest-rate environment, depending on your loan type and term. This amount, however, does not include other variables that affect your payment, such as property taxes and insurance. Here’s the lowdown on what you can expect.

Cost of a $450,000 Mortgage

A $450K mortgage payment is primarily influenced by your loan term and interest rate. A 30-year loan at 7% interest would result in a monthly cost of $2,993 (not including taxes and insurance). But a 15-year loan at the same interest rate would have monthly payments of $4,044.

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Monthly Payments for a $450,000 Mortgage

The amount you pay each month for a $450,000 mortgage payment is going to be somewhere between $2,993 and $4,044. However, keep in mind that there are a few variables that affect your monthly payment. These include:

•   Interest rate

•   Fixed or variable interest rate

•   Length of repayment period (15, 20, or 30 years)

•   Mortgage insurance

•   Property taxes

•   Property insurance

Another thing to consider are homeowners association (HOA) fees. Although they are paid directly to the HOA association and shouldn’t affect your monthly mortgage payment, these fees are an additional living expense.

If you’re a first-time homebuyer, it’s important to understand the true cost of owning a home because your monthly payment is more complicated than simply the amount you borrow. Housing costs and property taxes, for example, vary based on location. If you’re open to where you live, you may want to compare the cost of living by state. The best affordable places to live in the U.S. may pique your interest!

First-time homebuyers can
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Where to Get a $450,000 Mortgage

Banks, credit unions, and online lenders can all provide you with a $450,000 mortgage. Make sure you shop around and compare lenders to get the lowest interest rate. As you apply, you’ll receive loan estimates that show the cost of a loan. While the annual percentage rate (APR) is certainly important, also compare expenses such as the loan origination fee and mortgage insurance.

What to Consider Before Applying for a $450,000 Mortgage

Before applying for a $450,000 mortgage, consider the cost difference between a shorter loan repayment period and a longer loan repayment period. For a 30-year mortgage with a 7% interest rate, the total interest paid during the life of the loan would be $627,791.

For a 15-year mortgage with the same interest rate, you would have a higher monthly payment, but the total amount you would pay in interest would be more than halved: just $278,050. For an extra $1,050 each month, a 15-year loan would save $349,739 in interest compared to a 30-year loan.

If you can’t afford a 15-year mortgage now, just remember that you can always do a mortgage refinance in the future.

$450,000 mortgage with a term of 30 years and a 7% interest rate:

Year Beginning Balance Monthly Payment Total Interest Paid Total Principal Paid Remaining Balance
1 $450,000 $2,993.86 $31,355.19 $4,571.14 $445,428.86
2 $445,428.86 $2,993.86 $31,024.74 $4,901.59 $440,527.26
3 $440,527.26 $2,993.86 $30,670.41 $5,255.93 $435,271.33
4 $435,271.33 $2,993.86 $30,290.45 $5,635.88 $429,635.45
5 $429,635.45 $2,993.86 $29,883.04 $6,043.30 $423,592.15
6 $423,592.15 $2,993.86 $29,446.17 $6,480.17 $417,111.98
7 $417,111.98 $2,993.86 $28,977.71 $6,948.62 $410,163.36
8 $410,163.36 $2,993.86 $28,475.40 $7,450.94 $402,712.43
9 $402,712.43 $2,993.86 $27,936.77 $7,989.57 $394,722.86
10 $394,722.86 $2,993.86 $27,359.20 $8,567.13 $386,155.73
11 $386,155.73 $2,993.86 $26,739.88 $9,186.45 $376,969.27
12 $376,969.27 $2,993.86 $26,075.79 $9,850.54 $367,118.73
13 $367,118.73 $2,993.86 $25,363.70 $10,562.64 $356,556.09
14 $356,556.09 $2,993.86 $24,600.12 $11,326.21 $345,229.88
15 $345,229.88 $2,993.86 $23,781.35 $12,144.98 $333,084.90
16 $333,084.90 $2,993.86 $22,903.39 $13,022.95 $320,061.95
17 $320,061.95 $2,993.86 $21,961.96 $13,964.38 $306,097.58
18 $306,097.58 $2,993.86 $20,952.47 $14,973.86 $291,123.71
19 $291,123.71 $2,993.86 $19,870.01 $16,056.32 $275,067.39
20 $275,067.39 $2,993.86 $18,709.30 $17,217.04 $257,850.35
21 $257,850.35 $2,993.86 $17,464.68 $18,461.66 $239,388.69
22 $239,388.69 $2,993.86 $16,130.08 $19,796.25 $219,592.44
23 $219,592.44 $2,993.86 $14,699.01 $21,227.33 $198,365.12
24 $198,365.12 $2,993.86 $13,164.48 $22,761.85 $175,603.27
25 $175,603.27 $2,993.86 $11,519.03 $24,407.31 $151,195.96
26 $151,195.96 $2,993.86 $9,754.62 $26,171.71 $125,024.25
27 $125,024.25 $2,993.86 $7,862.67 $28,063.67 $96,960.58
28 $96,960.58 $2,993.86 $5,833.94 $30,092.39 $66,868.19
29 $66,868.19 $2,993.86 $3,658.56 $32,267.77 $34,600.41
30 $34,600.41 $2,993.86 $1,325.92 $34,600.41 $0

$450,000 mortgage with a term of 15 years and 7% interest rate:

Year Beginning Balance Monthly Payment Total Interest Paid Total Principal Paid Remaining Balance
1 $450,000 $4,044.73 $30,942.64 $17,594.09 $432,405.91
2 $432,405.91 $4,044.73 $29,670.76 $18,865.97 $413,539.94
3 $413,539.94 $4,044.73 $28,306.94 $20,229.79 $393,310.15
4 $393,310.15 $4,044.73 $26,844.52 $21,692.20 $371,617.94
5 $371,617.94 $4,044.73 $25,276.39 $23,260.34 $348,357.61
6 $348,357.61 $4,044.73 $23,594.90 $24,941.83 $323,415.78
7 $323,415.78 $4,044.73 $21,791.85 $26,744.87 $296,670.91
8 $296,670.91 $4,044.73 $19,858.46 $28,678.26 $267,992.64
9 $267,992.64 $4,044.73 $17,785.31 $30,751.42 $237,241.23
10 $237,241.23 $4,044.73 $15,562.29 $32,974.44 $204,266.79
11 $204,266.79 $4,044.73 $13,178.56 $35,358.16 $168,908.62
12 $168,908.62 $4,044.73 $10,622.52 $37,914.21 $130,994.41
13 $130,994.41 $4,044.73 $7,881.70 $40,655.03 $76,144.79
14 $76,144.79 $4,044.73 $4,942.74 $43,593.99 $31,524.68
15 $31,524.68 $4,044.73 $1,791.33 $46,745.40 $0

It’s important to understand how costs vary between the different types of mortgage loans. A mortgage calculator can help you get a quick idea of what to expect before you commit to a home mortgage loan.

How to Get a $450,000 Mortgage

To get a $450,000 mortgage, you need a strong credit score, a steady source of income, and a low debt-to-income ratio. Other tips to qualify for a mortgage include things like saving up for a higher down payment and submitting all of the appropriate paperwork to your lender in a timely manner. If you’re just starting out on your home buying journey, a home loan help center may be a good resource.

💡 Quick Tip: Generally, the lower your debt-to-income ratio, the better loan terms you’ll be offered. One way to improve your ratio is to increase your income (hello, side hustle!). Another way is to consolidate your debt and lower your monthly debt payments.

The Takeaway

Payment on a $450,000 mortgage is influenced by a few different variables, such as your loan term and interest rate. Other factors that come into play include mortgage insurance, property taxes, and property insurance. A higher down payment and a stronger credit score may help lower your monthly payment.

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How much is $450K mortgage a month?

A $450,000 mortgage should cost you around $3,000 to $4,000. Just remember to also include property taxes and insurance in your calculations.

How much income is required for $450,000 mortgage?

You probably need to earn around $140,000 a year to afford a $450,000 mortgage. A general guideline is that all of your housing costs should be at or below 30% of your gross income. Assuming you opt for a 30-year loan, your mortgage payment, property tax, and insurance cost would total around $3,200 per month. Factor in a budget for utilities and repairs and your total annual cost would be $42,000 — that’s 30% of $140,000.

How much is a down payment on a $450,000 mortgage?

A conventional loan requires a down payment of at least 3%. Therefore, your down payment should be, at minimum, $13,500. A down payment of 20% ($113,000 on a property costing $563,000) would allow you to skip paying the additional cost of mortgage insurance.

Can I afford a $450K house with a $70K salary?

It’s not likely. Assuming you choose a 30-year loan, your monthly payment would be around $3,000, which would be more than 50% of your gross income — well over the 30% that is considered the maximum amount you should spend on housing. The only way to make it work would be to have a large down payment (more than $150,000) to lower the amount you would have to borrow and thus your monthly payments.

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