Ace Your Student Loans with the Ultimate Loan Terminology Cheat Sheet

As a student loan borrower, you’ve probably noticed that your loans have a language all their own – a sometimes complicated language full of words and phrases that often have more than one meaning.  Getting a grasp on all these terms can have big benefits, like saving you money and helping you make more informed, confident decisions.  Unfortunately, memorizing loan vocabulary sounds like about as much fun as watching paint dry.

Instead of enrolling in Student Loan Language 101, use our quick and dirty reference guide to get the answers you need without information overload.  We break down the most important words and phrases, tell you what it all means (in plain English, no less) and even explain why you should care.  Think of it as crib notes for getting a better grade on your loans.



ABOUT Anna Wolf Anna Wolf is a financial writer and content strategist based in San Francisco. After 10+ years of writing, thinking and talking about personal finance and investing, she still learns something new every day.

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