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New SoFi Campaign Aims To Destigmatize Debt and Financial Insecurity In Powerful “Money Talks” Video

Filmmaker Tatia Pilieva Partners with SoFi to Capture Honest, Raw Personal Stories On Money, Debt and Relationships

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF. – December 19, 2018 – SoFi today launched a campaign showcasing some of its members’ most intimate stories around their personal struggles with money. Produced in collaboration with director Tatia Pilieva, the filmmaker most notably known for her sensational short film ‘First Kiss,’ the video captures twelve SoFi members, strangers to each other, meeting for the first time to have open-ended, unfiltered conversations about their lives, their money, and their views for their futures.

The video, along with more about the members featured in the video, are now live at

“I’ve always been interested in intimate human stories and social cinema. Working with real people is inspiring,” said filmmaker Tatia Pilieva of Pulse Films. “When SoFi approached me to direct this project I was thrilled at the opportunity to have an honest conversation about money.”

SoFi member Sophia, for instance, recalls on camera the moment where she considered “ending it all” because the burden of debt was too tough for her to bear. SoFi member Shana remembers her checking account reaching just ten dollars. Another member, Matthew, grapples with his fear and anxieties around his upcoming graduation, after which he will be responsible for over $400,000 in student loan debt.

“It’s powerful to see our members engage in such personal, raw and honest dialogue with each other,” said Joanne Bradford, Chief Marketing Officer at SoFi. “The journey to financial independence can sometimes feel lonely and isolating, and by sharing these conversations we want people to know that they’re not alone. We see our members share stories and ask each other for advice every day, and this initiative brings to light some of the most important issues they’re facing. No matter their circumstance, we’re here to help them get their money right.”

In addition to the main video, there will be featurettes that go deeper into conversations between members. Collectively, these stories showcase how people are often times more likely to share personal details with complete strangers than those who are close to them. The campaign will be featured across SoFi’s social channels, with the company encouraging viewers to join the conversation and share their personal money stories using the hashtag #MoneyTalks.

These members are not alone in their stories. This year, student loan and credit card debt have reached epic proportions and set new records in the U.S, surpassing over $1.5 trillion and $1 trillion respectively. The burden of debt has both emotional and physical implications for many – in fact, a SoFi survey revealed that over 50% of respondents with student loan debt dealt with anxiety and depression as a result.


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