Watch what happens when people discuss money like they never have before.

Why is it sometimes easier to tell a complete stranger something personal than it is to tell someone close to you? Maybe it’s the shame, embarrassment, or feeling like a burden—but we bottle up the things that affect our lives the most. And one of those things is money.

We conducted an experiment and brought together members who’d never met to discuss how money influences their lives—and to break the taboo of talking about it.

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Sophia + Imran

Debt is incredibly isolating. It’s already tough to talk about money—but when shame is in the mix, it can feel impossible to speak out.

Watch Sophia and Imran confess the emotional toll debt plays in their lives.

Alyssa + Keith

Money affects our well-being in ways we don’t usually think about. And our well-being affects how we treat our money.

See the effect money has had on Alyssa and Keith’s health—both physical and mental.

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About this project

In order to bring this experiment to life in the most authentic way, we partnered with the award-winning and internet-breaking director Tatia Pilieva, creator of First Kiss.

Together, we selected 12 SoFi members, separated into two groups, and flew them out to Los Angeles. Each group did not know about the other (we even booked them in separate hotels just in case). All they knew was that they were participating in SoFi’s newest campaign.

How has money affected your life?

Join the conversation.


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