How Much Does a Shower Remodel Cost?

By Julia Califano · June 29, 2023 · 5 minute read

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How Much Does a Shower Remodel Cost?

Whether your current shower is outdated or too small, remodeling it can improve your everyday routine, give your bathroom a high-end look, and increase the value of your home. The question is, how much will it cost?

Prices vary depending on the amount of work involved and the finishes you choose, but you can expect to pay anywhere from $3,100 and $10,100 for a shower remodel. Here’s a closer look at the specific costs involved, some ways to save money on a shower remodel, plus how to get started.

The Process to Remodel a Shower

The first decision you’ll need to make is whether you’re going to hire a professional or do the remodel yourself. If you have experience with home remodeling, you could potentially save a lot of money by taking on the job, since labor can make up as much as 50% of your total remodel costs. However, if this is your first remodel, you could end up spending a lot more fixing your mistakes.

Once you determine if you’re going to hire a professional or not, you’ll need to come up with shower remodel ideas, including the color scheme, shape, shower type (full or shower-tub combo), fixtures you’re going to get, lights, fans or radios you’ll install, and any doors you’ll replace.

If you aren’t sure how to design your new shower, you can ask your contractor for help or hire a designer, but this will add to your costs.

Once you have an idea of what you want to do, your contractor will come up with a plan for your shower remodel and give you an estimate for materials and labor. You can work with them to see if there are cheaper alternatives, like shopping for materials online or choosing less expensive fixtures and finishes.

If you’re going the DIY route, you’ll have to shop around for the materials and pick them up. You’ll also need tools, such as a safety mask and goggles, tape measure, spackle knife, power drill, extension cord, hammer, and stud finder, just to name a few.

An easy way to DIY a shower remodel is to shop for a complete shower system that includes coordinating fixtures. After removing the existing shower walls, flooring, and fixtures, the new materials can be installed. You might choose an all-in-one shower surround, or a shower pan (the base) with tiled walls.

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How Much Does it Cost to Remodel a Shower?

Typically, it can cost from $3,100 to $10,100 to remodel a shower, with the average cost coming in around $6,500. Your actual costs will depend on how large the shower is, what kinds of fixtures you’re installing, and the finishes you’re using. Here’s a look at some of the factors that affect the cost of a shower remodel.

Shower Type

A walk-in shower adds a high-end look to a bathroom and is easy to get in and out of. With this option, there’s a lot of wiggle room on budget — you could spend as little as $400 or as much as $8,500 depending on the materials you choose.

You might be able to spend less if you go with a prefabricated shower, which comes with the entire shower surround and fixtures. You can find prefabricated shower inserts in a variety of styles and price points and spend anywhere from $200 to $8,000.

A tub-and-shower combination is one of the most popular choices, since they use up less space than having a separate shower and bathtub. You can also customize the look with your tile and fixture choices. On average, a tub-and-shower combo runs around $3,000.

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How to Save Money on Your Shower Remodel

The costs involved in remodeling a shower can add up quickly. And once you get into the project, there is always the potential for unwanted — and expensive — surprises. Fortunately, there are ways to keep costs in check while still ending up with a clean, updated look. Here are some to consider.

•  Maintaining the layout If you use the current layout, you won’t need to make changes to the plumbing and electrical. This cuts costs, as well as the chance for costly surprises.

•  Keeping the same drywall If the drywall behind your shower is in good shape, you may be able to avoid tearing it out and starting fresh. If there is some damage, your contractor may be able to simply replace those sections rather than tear the entire wall out.

•  Saving your tub If your bathtub is in decent shape, you might simply give your shower a face-lift by changing the surrounding tile and shower fixtures and reglazing the tub to match.

•  Buying a prefab shower These units can cost significantly less than a custom build and are now available in a range of designs that look luxurious and don’t scream “prefab.”

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Make Your Shower Remodel a Possibility With SoFi

If you’re eager to remodel your shower but don’t have funds to cover the cost up front, you may be able to finance the project using a home improvement loan.

A home improvement loan is essentially a personal loan used to pay for home upgrades and renovations. These loans are available through banks, online lenders, and credit unions, and are typically unsecured (meaning you don’t have to provide collateral). Once approved, you receive a lump sum of cash up front you can then use to cover the cost of remodeling your shower. You repay the loan (plus interest) in regular installments over the term of the loan, which can range from five to seven years.

If you think a personal loan might be a good choice for your shower remodel, SoFi ccould help. SoFi’s home improvement loans offer competitive, fixed rates and a variety of terms. Checking your rate won’t affect your credit score, and it takes just one minute.

Pay for your shower remodel, without sinking into high-interest debt.

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