Cardano Price History: 2017-2023

By Laurel Tincher · September 20, 2022 · 7 minute read

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Cardano Price History: 2017-2023

Cardano (ADA) is a proof-of-stake blockchain that launched in 2017. Similar to Ethereum in some ways, it provides a foundation for building decentralized applications, or dApps. However, Cardano aims to be more secure, scalable, and efficient than Ethereum.

The Cardano blockchain is open-source and has been peer reviewed, and its native cryptocurrency token, ADA, has become a popular altcoin for crypto investors.

There was an initial coin offering (ICO) of ADA tokens that started in September 2015. Some 25.9 billion tokens were sold, and the official launch of ADA was in 2017 when 5.2 billion additional tokens were issued.

Those tokens were put into three entities; Input Output Global (IOG), Emurgo, and the Cardano Foundation. Those entities work on development and marketing of the ADA token. IOG received 2.46 billion ADA tokens, Emurgo received 2.06 billion, and Cardano Foundation received 648 million. Around 16% of the total supply of ADA went to the founders of Cardano, and the other 84% has been released to crypto investors.

During the pre-launch sale between 2015 and 2017, the price of ADA was $0.0024. Since its launch, the ADA token has gone up and down in value along with the rest of the crypto market.

Cardano Price History

Since its ICO in 2015 and launch in 2017, Cardano has seen significant growth as well as significant drops. Between 2017 and 2022 the price has gone from a historic low of $0.019 to $0.49, as of July 22, 2022, with an all-time high of $3.10.

Cardano Price History

Cardano (ADA) Price History




2017 $0.02 $1.01
2018 $0.029 $0.802
2019 $0.036 $0.097
2020 $0.027 $0.145
2021 $0.305 $2.911
2022* $1.37 $0.49

*As of July 22, 2022

Cardano Price in 2017: Starting Price

Cardano Price Range in 2017: $0.02 – $1.01

Cardano publicly launched at a price of $0.02. It increased to $1.31 within just 96 days. This was at the same time the rest of the crypto market was in a strong bull run, which lasted throughout 2017. By the end of 2017 ADA had corrected a bit but was up 190% to $0.64.

Cardano Price in 2018: A Return to the Beginning

Cardano Price Range in 2018: $0.029 – $0.802

In early 2018, Cardano saw new highs while the crypto market peaked, reaching $1.16 in January, but this was short-lived.

During the Crypto Winter of 2018, Cardano’s price dramatically fell along with the rest of the crypto market. In November of 2018, ADA was back to its starting price of $0.02. By the end of December, ADA was trading at $0.0414, which was 96% lower than its all-time high at the time.

Cardano Price in 2019: Stuck Below 10 Cents

Cardano Price Range in 2019: $0.036 – $0.097

Between March and April of 2019, Cardano increased 149% from $0.0404 to $0.1007. However, it then went down again and by the end of Q3 2019 ADA was trading at $0.0367. This decrease set up Cardano more rounds of growth in October and November, but they didn’t hold and the coin kept going down again. By the end of 2019 ADA’s price was hovering around $0.0331.

Cardano Price in 2020

Cardano Price Range in 2020: $0.027 – $0.145

Between January and December of 2020, Cardano’s price went from $0.053 up to $0.181. In March of 2020, Cardano hit an all-time low of $0.019 before it increased again.

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Cardano Price in 2021: The Breakout

Cardano Price Range in 2021: $0.305 – $2.911

The price of Cardano significantly increased in 2021 when Ethereum co-founder Charles Hoskinson announced the Alonzo hard fork, which added smart contract functions to the Cardano blockchain network.

The price of Cardano also started to go back up along with the overall crypto bull market cycle in early 2021. By May of 2021 the price of Cardano was $2.46. In September 2021, ADA reached an all-time high of $3.101. In one month the price went up 116%. Within 24 hours after the launch of the hard fork, more than 100 smart contracts were launched on the blockchain.

In March of 2021, functionality to develop native tokens on the Cardano blockchain was released. These are similar to ERC-20 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain, such as NFTs and stablecoins. Native tokens can also be used for smart contracts.

Cardano Price in 2022

At the start of 2022, ADA was trading at $1.174. By February 2022, there were more than three million Cardano wallets and over 1,000 smart contracts. As of July 2022, the price of ADA was $0.463.

Several upgrades are planned to be released in 2022, including:

•   A new Dapp store, along with APIs and tools

•   Network capacity increases

•   Improvements to the performance of Plutus, Hydra, and input endorsers

•   Deployment of the Mirthril fast-sync solution and sidechain

Cardano Price Prediction 2025

Following the 2020 Bitcoin halving, there was a bull run in the overall crypto market. The next Bitcoin halving will happen in March 2024, so there may be another bull run at that time which would increase the price of Cardano. If the price of Bitcoin reaches $500,000, which is one prediction from investors, and the relative value of ADA / BTC stays the same, (currently 0.00002,) then the price of Cardano would reach $10. If the relative value of Cardano vs. Bitcoin changes, this would result in a different price.

Other predictions have shown Cardano reaching $0.0227, $0.97, $1.93, or $6.431 in 2025. It’s very hard to predict what will happen with the price of Cardano, and cryptocurrency markets are very volatile.

Considerations When Investing in Cardano

There are a few things to keep in mind when investing in Cardano. The maximum supply of the native token is 45 billion ADA. However, not all of those tokens are in circulation. And even though there are a lot of smart contracts, they aren’t all working perfectly yet, as the blockchain is constantly being improved and developed.

Although Cardano has surpassed some other similar coins in popularity, it is possible that another project could release superior technology, which would hurt ADA’s price.

Cardano aims to be the most environmentally friendly and energy efficient blockchain, and is the most peer-reviewed blockchain to date. By using a proof-of-stake algorithm, it uses significantly less energy than proof-of-work chains such as Bitcoin.

Although the crypto market has been in a downtrend in 2022, there are some upgrades coming soon to the Cardano blockchain which may result in an increase in prices.

The Takeaway

Since its public launch in 2017, Cardano has grown to be the 8th largest crypto, and one of the more popular cryptocurrencies for both investors and blockchain developers. Cardano has been called an “Ethereum killer” due to its strong level of peer-reviewed research and strong blockchain features. It offers several attractive features and continues to be improved upon over time. The goal of Cardano is to provide sustainability, scalability, and interoperability.

Since its launch in 2017, the price of Cardano (ADA) has seen a historic low of $0.019 and a historic high of $3.101.

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Why is Cardano so cheap compared to Bitcoin?

The total supply of Bitcoin and Cardano are drastically different. There will only ever be 21 million Bitcoins, whereas the total supply of Cardano is 45 billion. Also, Bitcoin has a far greater adoption rate than Cardano.

How many Cardano coins are left?

More than 33 billion out of the 45 billion total Cardano tokens have been issued and are in active circulation, as of July 15, 2022.

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