What Is the Average Salary by Age in Utah in 2024?

By Caroline Banton · June 03, 2024 · 4 minute read

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What Is the Average Salary by Age in Utah in 2024?

There’s a lot to like about living in Utah: five beautiful national parks, a thriving economy, and according to the U.S. Census, a median household income of $95,800. By comparison, the median annual income in the U.S. is $75,580.

Here’s a look at how salaries in the state differ by age, city, and county.

What Is the Average Salary in Utah by Age in 2023?

According to the Social Security Administration, the average salary in the U.S. is $63,795. But salaries can fluctuate greatly when you factor in age. Here’s how median household incomes in Utah break down by age, as the Census data below shows:

•   Under 25 years: $54,506

•   25 to 44 years: $95,206

•   45 to 64 years: $111,825

•   65 years and over: $63,225

Not surprisingly, workers who are between the ages of 25 and 64, and in the prime years of their earning capacity, have the highest income, while those who are younger and just starting out professionally earn less. A budget planner app can help you make your money go further, regardless of your income.

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What Is the Average Salary in Utah by City in 2023?

The following list gives the average salaries for 10 of the highest-paying cities in Utah, according to ZipRecruiter. While none offer a six-figure salary, all of the cities have an average pay that’s higher than the state’s average salary of $48,753.

Cities tend to have a higher cost of living than rural or semi-urban areas. When considering how much you’ll need to earn to cover basic expenses in an area, you’ll want to look at the cost of housing, transportation, food, and property taxes. A money tracker can help you monitor your current spending, so you can compare the two.

Two cities in Utah with the highest average salaries are Cottonwood Heights and White Mesa, with average salaries of $80,422 and $74,392, respectively.


Average Annual Salary

Cottonwood Heights $80,422
White Mesa $74,392
Sutherland $63,656
Roy $63,269
Deseret $63,103
Samak $61,664
Salt Lake City $61,619
Montezuma Creek $61,580
Summit Park $59,846
Ferron $59,836

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What Is the Average Salary in Utah by County in 2023?

Because cities tend to have a higher cost of living than rural areas, looking at average salaries by county might give you a better idea of your earning power in the different areas of Utah. You can also compare the figures to the average pay in the United States to see how it stacks up against other job markets.

Below are data from the Census Bureau showing per capita income by county in Utah, according to Utah.gov. We selected 10 counties in different regions of the state to give a broad perspective. Summit County has the highest per capita income by far at $156,537. San Juan County has the lowest per capita income at $30,198


Per Capita Income

Summit $156,537
Grand $60,928
Salt Lake $59,077
Piute $48,595
Weber $46,675
Box Elder $44,131
Iron $36,412
Uintah $32,945
Sanpete $32,927
San Juan $30,198

Examples of the Highest-Paying Jobs in Utah

Below are 10 examples of the highest-paying jobs in Utah.


Annual Salary Range

Pick-up Truck Owner/Operator $113,800-$309,500
Dedicated Owner/Operator (Long-Haul Trucking) $59,547-$239,993
Pharmacist $106,100-$127,500
State Government Worker $85,600-$120,600
Mechanical Engineer $74,200-$115,200
Helicopter Pilot $81,900-$102,000
Rig Welder $66,000-$91,000
Public Health $55,100-$81,000
Medical Interpreter $48,700-$75,600
Master Esthetician $41,900-$70,600

Source: ZipRecruiter.com

The Takeaway

The state of Utah offers diverse employment opportunities, including plenty of jobs for introverts. Utah’s median household income of $95,800 is higher than the median household income for the United States, which is $75,580, as reported by the Census Bureau.

While younger workers in Utah can expect to make entry-level salaries, experienced employees typically command more. As in other states, median household incomes in Utah are highest for those in their prime earning years, aged between 25 and 64. In this age group, median incomes range from $95,000 to $111,000. High-earning jobs in Utah include pick-up truck owners and operators, pharmacists, mechanical engineers, and public health workers.

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What is a good average salary in Utah?

The median household income in Utah is $95,800, so a salary or income that equals or exceeds that would be considered good income.

What is the average gross salary in Utah?

According to ZipRecruiter, the average gross salary in Utah is $48,753.

What age group earns the most in Utah?

Median household incomes are highest for those in their prime earning years, aged between 25 and 64. In this age group, median incomes range from $95,000 to $111,000. High-earning jobs in Utah include pick-up truck owner-operators, pharmacists, mechanical engineers, and public health workers.

What is a livable wage in Utah?

According to MIT’s Liveable Wage Calculator, one adult with no children would need to make more than $22 an hour to afford typical expenses. For one adult and one child, the living wage jumps to $37.62. For two adults, both working, with one child, the living wage is $36.79.

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