What Is the Average Salary by Age in Florida in 2024?

By Melissa Brock · June 03, 2024 · 6 minute read

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What Is the Average Salary by Age in Florida in 2024?

If you’re a Florida resident, you may wonder how your salary stacks up against your peers in other states. Or you might wonder about the type of salary you might earn if you move to the Sunshine State.

The U.S. Census Bureau American Community Survey reveals that of all Florida’s workers, those aged 45 to 64 see the highest median household income, at $82,587. The overall median household income in Florida is $69,303.

But what is the average salary in Florida across the board? A typical worker here collects an average annual salary of $48,966 in 2024, or $4,080 per month.

We’ll examine the average salary in Florida in a few different ways: by age, city, and county. We’ll also share examples of the highest-paying jobs in Florida to give you a better understanding of Floridians’ take-home pay.

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Average Salary in Florida by Age in 2024

What is the average salary in Florida by age? The most recent data shows the following annual average income by age among Floridians:

•   Under 25 years: $42,617 annually

•   25 to 44 years: $77,487 annually

•   45 to 64 years: $82,587 annually

•   65 years and over: $52,625 annually

As you can see, a gap exists between the salaries of under-25 residents (which can include high school and college-aged students) and those aged 25 to 44. Average salaries peak for workers aged 45 to 64, and decline among those aged 65 years and older.

Floridians’ salaries reflect a national trend in peak earning years. Earnings typically reach their highest point when workers are in their late 40s to late 50s. Women’s peak earning years occur between ages 35 and 54, and men’s peak earning years hit between 45 and 64.

According to data from the Social Security Administration, the average salary in the U.S. is $63,795. And just like in Florida, a few factors contribute to earnings: location, industry, education level, and demand, to name a few.

Average Salary in Florida by City in 2024

It’s important to note that while we’re listing the average salary in Florida by city in the next section (and by county in the section after that), it’s just an average — the number of incomes divided by the number of workers. You may earn above or below the average salaries listed.

Per ZipRecruiter, some average salaries in Florida by city include the following:

•   Island Walk: $85,574

•   Juno Beach: $78,624

•   Ocean Breeze Park: $78,184

•   Meadow Oaks: $77,940

•   Harbor Bluffs: $77,661

•   Port St. Lucie: $60,862

•   Boynton Beach: $57,346

•   Sunrise: $57,086

•   Orlando: $56,808

•   Miramar: $56,673

Standards of living — and the salary you need to earn to maintain them — vary by city. For example, a low-end middle-class income in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach is $43,000, while a high-end middle-class income is $128,000. No matter where you live in the state, a budget planner app can help you make the most of every dollar you earn.

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Average Salary in Florida by County in 2024

The average salary in Florida by county can depend on a wide range of factors, including that area’s need for skilled workers. For example, living in a large metropolitan area with a variety of jobs can draw residents and change the trajectory of a county’s average salary.

The median household income in select counties in different parts of Florida includes:

•   Palm Beach County: $70,979

•   Collier County: $62,660

•   Seminole County: $60,623

•   Hamilton County: $56,945

•   St. Johns County: $56,425

•   Glades County: $52,466

•   Citrus County: $46,763

•   Hendry County: $48,891

•   Madison County: $39,023

•   Holmes County: $34,379

From September 2022 to September 2023, employment increased in all of Florida’s 26 counties, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In Miami-Dade County, employment increased particularly in the areas of healthcare and social assistance.

Examples of the Highest-Paying Jobs in Florida

Some of the largest industries in Florida include advanced manufacturing, aerospace and defense, clean energy, information technology, life sciences, and logistics and distribution.

You might be curious about snagging one of the highest-paying jobs in Florida. Here’s a list of the average salary of some of the highest-paying jobs in Florida:

•   Finance services director: $211,022

•   Staff psychiatrist: $205,364

•   Associate medical director: $195,656

•   Physician: $193,805

•   Clinic physician director: $189,373

•   Physician extender: $186,136

•   President/chief executive officer: $185,121

•   Family practice physician: $184,438

•   Pain management physician: $184,207

•   Vice president of sales: $184,032

Many types of high-paying jobs require advanced degrees, and as you can see from the list above, some job titles, including that of a physician, require a significant amount of education.

Therefore, you may also want to consider the most in-demand jobs in Florida, which include the following:

•   Mental health counselor: $30,112 to $142,147 annually

•   Occupational therapist: $40,215 to $136,890 annually

•   Management analyst: $41,118 to $104,843 annually

•   HR manager: $48,124 to $102,655 annually

•   Financial analyst: $48,631 to $97,214 annually

If none of the above fit your credentials or interests, many options abound, including jobs for introverts and for those just starting their careers.

Wherever you are in your professional journey, it’s a good idea to have some short- and long-term financial goals in mind. Tools like a money tracker can keep tabs on where your money goes and also provide valuable insights on your finances.

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The Takeaway

Planning to relocate to the Sunshine State? The average annual salary is $48,966, which is lower than the national average. Still, Florida offers no shortage of opportunities for job seekers, no matter your field or interest area. If you want to lock yourself into a certain salary, research job opportunities in your field, check out the educational requirements, and consider interviewing individuals in the area you’re interested in to learn more about their path and trajectory.

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What is a good average salary in Florida?

In Florida, a good average salary might start at $69,000 for a single individual (without kids). On the other hand, a couple might require up to $94,500 to make ends meet and allow money for fun as well. However, every individual is different, and budgeting techniques can help you carve out money for fun and relaxation no matter your income.

What is the average gross salary in Florida?

The average annual salary is $48,966 in Florida in 2024. This number includes all counties and cities in Florida. However, many factors determine your earning potential, including your location, the cost of living, the job market, industry in an area, and the surrounding competition.

What is the average income per person in Florida?

The Florida average annual salary in 2024 is $48,966. However, this number takes into account all individuals in the Sunshine State, including all ages and all career types. You may earn above or below that amount, depending on your field, location, and other factors.

What is a livable wage in Florida?

A good average salary in Florida of $69,000 breaks down to a monthly salary of $5,750 and a biweekly salary of $2,653.85. It also translates to a weekly salary of $1,326.92, and an hourly wage of $33.17.

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