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    By Laurel Tincher

    (Last Updated – 03/2024)

    A credit score of 678 is typically considered to be in the good range, though closer to the lower end than the higher.

    Your credit score plays an important role in your financial life since it’s a snapshot of your creditworthiness. Those three digits can be a key factor when you apply for loans, mortgages, credit cards, and other forms of financing. A good score can open doors for you, but it may not get you the best offers available.

    Here, you’ll take a closer look at what a 678 credit score means and how it can impact your borrowing options.

    What Does a 678 Credit Score Mean?

    A 678 credit score is typically considered to be good, but it’s nudging towards the lower end of that range.

    Credit scores range from 300 to 850, with 300 being the lowest number. The most popular credit scoring system is FICO®, and here’s a look at their score ranges:

    •   Poor: 300 – 579

    •   Fair: 580 – 669

    •   Good: 670 – 739

    •   Very Good: 740 – 799

    •   Excellent: 800 – 850

    So, is a 678 a good credit score? Most definitely, according to the FICO scoring system. People with a credit score of 678 are seen by lenders as moderate credit risks, which indicates that they are handling their debt well. This score points to a history of good credit management, prompt payments, and a manageable debt load.

    For these reasons, people with a credit score of 678 may qualify for a variety of credit products, including personal loans, auto loans, and credit cards. But there is room for improvement. If you build your credit score higher, you might qualify for lower interest rates and better terms when opening a line of credit or securing a loan.

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    What Else Can You Get with a 678 Credit Score?

    A credit score of 678 is typically high enough to qualify for credit cards with fair terms, which can help you establish a good credit history. People with a 678 credit score can often take advantage of various benefits and rewards programs offered by credit card issuers, such as cash back, travel perks, and other incentives.

    It’s also likely you will qualify for a home loan, personal loan, and car loan with favorable (though perhaps not optimal) terms.

    Can I Get a Credit Card with a 678 Credit Score?

    It is absolutely possible to get a credit card with a 678 credit score. A credit score of 678 places you in the good credit range, typically qualifying you for a line of credit with credit card companies.

    Of the many credit card options available, it’s possible that the terms you’re offered might not be as good as those for people with excellent credit. For example, a number of issuers provide credit cards with rewards for those with a 678 credit score. However, people with higher scores might qualify for those offers with the very best cash back incentives, loyalty programs, and the most favorable interest rates.

    When shopping for a new card, be sure to evaluate the details, including the credit limit, annual fees (if any), and other specifics. That can help ensure you get the best overall deal possible.

    Getting a credit card with a 678 credit score not only enables people to pay for their daily needs, but it also gives them a chance to show that they manage their credit responsibly. That in turn can help you maintain your credit score or build it.

    Can I Get an Auto Loan with a 678 Credit Score?

    It is indeed possible to get an auto loan with a credit score of 678. According to Experian, applicants typically need a credit score of 661 or higher to be approved for a car loan.

    That said, you may have more options if you build your score a bit. Research indicates that the average credit score for a used-car loan was 690 and 735 for a new-car loan. A credit score in those ranges could unlock more offers or better terms.

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    Can I Get a Mortgage with a 678 Credit Score?

    It is possible to get a mortgage with a credit score of 678, but you may not get as favorable rates and terms as someone with a score in the 700s or higher.

    For a conventional mortgage, you may be approved with a credit score of 620 and higher. However, those with a 740 score or higher are likely to qualify for better terms.

    Government-backed home loans are also available and can be good options for people with lower credit scores. For example, FHA loans may be secured with a credit score as low as 500, though most require 580 or higher.

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    Can I Get a Personal Loan with a 678 Credit Score?

    Generally, it is possible to get a personal loan with a 678 credit score. In fact, there are lenders who offer this kind of loan for individuals with credit scores of 610 or 640 and up.

    For the most favorable terms though (say, the lowest annual percentage rate), you may need a score of 680 or 690. Since a 678 credit score is so close to those numbers, you might want to work on building your score before securing a loan.

    Ways to do that can include paying on time without fail, keeping your credit card balances at less than 30% of your limit, and also reviewing your credit report to check for (and resolve) any incorrect information.

    In addition, other factors may play a role in the terms you are offered, such as income and employment stability. Once the loan is secured, you can use it in a variety of ways, from credit card debt consolidation to funding a vacation or wedding.


    Is a 678 credit score good? Yes, it does put you in that range, though towards the lower end. It reflects that you have probably been managing your credit responsibly and are therefore creditworthy. However, you may not qualify for the most favorable terms for loans and lines of credit, which are typically reserved for those with a credit score in the 700s or higher.

    It can be a wise move to shop around and see what offers you’re eligible for. Some lenders focus on those with good credit scores versus those with excellent ones and may have terms that suit your needs.

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