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  • College cost myths:

    College cost myths

    College cost myths:

    Myth: Private schools ALWAYS cost more than state schools.
    Truth: Many private schools have endowments with generous aid packages that can help you afford college. Learn more.

    Myth: Private schools are only for wealthy students.
    Truth: Private universities value diverse backgrounds in their students—many of whom receive financial aid. Learn more.

    Myth: College expenses are just tuition plus room and board.
    Truth: Don’t forget books, supplies, lab fees, transportation, living expenses, and more. Learn more.

  • College payment myths:

    College payment myths

    College payment myths:

    Myth: I can get free money from the school every year.
    Truth: Many merit scholarships are only provided to first-year students with their acceptance letter. Learn more.

    Myth: I’ll figure out how to pay as I go through school.
    Truth: You should build your budget for all four years to be sure costs are covered. Learn more.

    Myth: My A+ student has the grades for a full ride anywhere.
    Truth: Many top schools (MIT, Ivy League, etc.) don’t offer merit-based aid, just need-based aid. Learn more.

    Myth: All-star athletes will have their pick of schools.
    Truth: Fewer than 2% of high school athletes win athletic scholarships. Learn more.

    Myth: Our 529 savings plan should have us covered for college.
    Truth: Some important costs, like transportation and health insurance, are not qualified 529 expenses. Learn more.

    Myth: It’s too late for me to start a 529 savings plan.
    Truth: It’s never too late. The tax benefits of a 529 plan can help you at any point. Learn more.

  • Student loan myths:

    Student loan myths

    Student loan myths:

    Myth: Federal Parent PLUS loans are the best value.
    Truth: While PLUS loans can help some families, a private parent loan with no origination fee can cost less for families with a good credit history. Learn more.

    Myth: I just don’t make enough to afford college.
    Truth: A combination of aid, like grants and scholarships, plus federal and private loans, can make even expensive schools accessible to low-income families. Learn more.

    Myth: Student debt isn’t worth it.
    Truth: People with college degrees significantly outearn those without them. A bachelor’s degree could double your lifetime income versus a high school diploma. Learn more.

    Myth: The FAFSA® is a student loan.
    Truth: The FAFSA is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, and you’ll need to fill it out to qualify for aid packages and federal student loans. Learn more.

    Myth: Students with good credit can always get a loan without a cosigner.
    Truth: Beyond good credit, loan applicants need to show sufficient income or ability to pay back their loan. That’s why most student loans have cosigners. Learn more.

  • Financial aid myths:

    Financial aid myths

    Financial aid myths:

    Myth: I can’t negotiate financial aid.
    Truth: You can contact schools about changes in your life or offers from other schools to negotiate aid. Learn more.

    Myth: If I show financial need, I’ll get free money for school.
    Truth: Colleges aren’t required to meet 100% of student need. So you may need external grants, scholarships, or private loans. Learn more.

    Myth: Our Expected Family Contribution covers four years of actual payments.
    Truth: Expected Family Contribution (EFC) is an estimate, not exact payments, and is handled one year at a time. Learn more.

    Myth: Scholarships are only given by universities to supersmart students.
    Truth: There are many kinds of scholarships that cover costs for specific studies, community service, and more. Learn more.

    Myth: All financial aid offers have a clear, standard format.
    Truth: There’s no set formula for a financial aid offer, and schools can include different loans in their packages. Learn more.

    Myth: Only low-income families get financial aid.
    Truth: Many families will qualify for aid like grants, scholarships, work study, or federal loans. Learn more.

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