Track your money
like a champion.

SoFi Relay tracks all of your money, all in one
place—at no cost—so you stay on pace to hit
your goals.

Team up to
Get Your Money Right®

SoFi Relay makes it easy to know where you stand, what you spend,
and how to hit your financial goals—all in one app.

See the big picture.

Connect all of your accounts on one mobile dashboard to get a bird’s-eye view of your balances on the go.

Track your spending.

Keep tabs on your cash flow and spending habits, plus find ways to save—in real time.

Set multiple goals.

Talk one-on-one with a financial planner to set ambitious goals for your money and your life, too.

Delete your debt.

Blaze through bad debt with an innovative payoff strategy launching later this year.

Chase down your money goals
one leg at a time.

Unlike other personal finance apps, SoFi knows that achieving financial independence isn’t a sprint, it’s a relay. That’s why SoFi Relay will help track your spending and saving leg-by-leg towards your long-distance goals: paying off debt, saving for a home down payment, and more.

Ready. Set. Goals.

Start tracking your money today with SoFi Relay.

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