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We share a common mission—to help students get the funding for the education they deserve. That’s why we’ve created a one-stop shop to give you all the information you need, right here.

To improve the lives of students,
we’re constantly improving our product.

We are always trying to find new ways to make the student loan process smoother for students and financial aid officers.

SoFi Membership

When their SoFi Student Loan is funded, students become SoFi members, which entitles them to a number of complimentary benefits, including Credit Score Monitoring, complimentary financial advising, and more.

Flexible repayment

SoFi offers up to four repayment options to help students find the loan that fits their budget.

Quick rate check.

Students and their families can view their loan rates in minutes—without impacting their credit score.

We know student loans.

77% of borrowers choose to make
payments in school.*

77% choose 10-year or less
repayment terms.**

1,800+ schools in SoFi’s network.

Loans that work for your students’ needs.

Undergraduate Loans

SoFi helps undergrads pay for college without the hassle. See rates and terms in just minutes—and get access to tips, tools, and resources along the way.

Graduate Loans

Go to grad school and focus on your degree—not your debt. SoFi helps graduate students get low-rate loans and pay them back on their own terms.

Law Loans

Now future lawyers can pay for law school with premium, low-rate loans offered by SoFi.

MBA Loans

Now tomorrow’s leaders of industry can pay for business school with premium, low-rate loans offered by SoFi.

Parent Loans

Parents rejoice: now you can pay your child’s tuition with a flexible, low-rate parent loan. SoFi’s application is quick and easy—and the repayment plans are flexible.

Health Professions Loans

Future healthcare pros answering the call of medicine―let us be your ally as we support you through graduate school, and well beyond.

See all eligibility criteria here →

We support multiple certification and disbursement methods.

SoFi works with all processing providers.


SoFi Certify

Parent Loans

SoFi Check


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