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SoFi Sweetens Homebuying in July with Avocado Toast Delivery

June 29, 2017 – San Francisco, Calif. – SoFi announced today that, for the month of July, people who buy a home with a SoFi mortgage will receive a month’s worth of avocado toast delivered to their door.

These two seemingly unconnected things became the focus of debate online and in the press in May, sparked by a comment from an Australian real estate developer that Millennials weren’t buying houses because they were spending too much money on avocado toast.

“Pundits have unfairly besmirched avocado toast as the reason younger Americans aren’t buying homes. We know that’s wrong — it’s because the traditional mortgage product hasn’t evolved,” said Joanne Bradford, Chief Marketing Officer at SoFi. “In addition to offering a mortgage with 10% down and no borrower-paid private mortgage insurance required, we wanted to help people have their avocado toast and eat it too.”

Once someone completes their home purchase with a SoFi mortgage in July, they’ll receive an email with the option of choosing regular or gluten-free bread to go along with their avocados. The ingredients will be divided over three shipments to ensure freshness upon delivery. Recipients will still need to toast the bread.

SoFi, which has over 300,000 members across the United States and has underwritten over $20 billion in loans since its founding in 2011, offers a variety of options for fixed and variable rate mortgages, including flexible down payments ranging from 10-50% for loans up to $3 million. Members who have a personal loan or refinanced student loan with the company are also eligible for a rate discount on their mortgage of 0.125%. SoFi currently offers mortgage loans and refinancing in 28 states and the District of Columbia.

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