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SoFi Announces Student Loan Refinancing Product for Medical Residents and Fellows

Residents can lower their rates without compounding interest during residency

San Francisco, Calif. — October 11, 2017 — SoFi announced today the launch of its Medical Resident Student Loan Refinancing product, an extension of its market-leading Student Loan Refinancing offering, specifically targeted for medical residents and fellows.

With this product, eligible medical residents and fellows can keep their student loan interest from compounding over the course of residency (up to 54 months), and only make $100 monthly payments during residency or fellowship1. After that, their regular payment schedule will commence. SoFi offers five different full repayment terms, ranging from five to twenty years at low fixed and variable rates.

Medical residents as a group are one of the most debt-burdened populations of students in America. Seventy-six percent of 2016 medical school graduates have student loans, with a median student debt load of $190,000 at graduation.2 At the same time, medical residents and fellows typically earn only $60,000 a year.

“Medical residents and fellows so often defer dealing with their student loans until later in the careers when they’ve piled up interest,” said SoFi’s Senior Vice President of Product Management, Meron Colbeci. “We’re providing an easy, affordable way to help residents take control of their debt early on in their career.”

In addition to financial benefits, residents and fellows who refinance with SoFi will have access to SoFi’s suite of member benefits such as wealth advisors, career coaching, and networking events.

SoFi has a dedicated customer service team for medical residents and fellows to address any questions about this product, reachable via phone at 866-336-DOCS or via email at [email protected]. More information is also available on the web at

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Rachel Reichblum
Senior Manager of Product Communications
[email protected]

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  1. While the interest will not compound during the residency period, interest is still charged. The minimum monthly payment of $100 may not pay all of the interest due each month, which will likely result in negative amortization during the residency period.
  2. American Association of Medical Colleges. Medical Student Education: Debt, Costs and Loan Repayment Fact Card 2016. ( Last accessed 10 October 2017.

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