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Americans Should Get Paid More, and “Raise Week” is Here to Help Them May 15-19

A Weeklong Campaign, Presented by SoFi, to Help Americans Define Their Value and Get What They’re Worth

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. —  May 2, 2017 — Americans deserve a raise, but they don’t know how to get one. That’s especially true of the youngest college-educated professionals, who also bear record levels of student debt. To change this, SoFi is presenting Raise Week starting May 15, a week of online education, in-person events around the country, and personal career coaching to help people get what they’re worth.

Economic data and survey analysis of Americans paint a large-scale problem in compensation:

  • U.S. companies are planning to boost pay in 2017 by around 3% on average (the same as in 2015 and 2016), but economists expect inflation of 2.3%, reflecting a downward trend in real wage growth;
  • According to a recent SoFi survey, 50% of young, college-educated professionals did not negotiate salary for their current or new jobs; and,
  • 54% of that same survey group said they don’t know their market value.

Starting May 15, SoFi’s Career team will make available a specially crafted online series on how to understand, communicate, and claim your workplace value, including inspirational stories from key career influencers who rose to the top in their respective fields.

SoFi will also host a series of hands-on events around the country in eight major cities to provide education and coaching on how to ask for a raise, how to ask for non-monetary benefits, how to know when it’s time to change jobs or industries, how managers can best handle advancement conversations, and more. The events are in:

  • May 15: Atlanta; New York City
  • May 16: San Francisco; Washington, DC
  • May 17: Chicago; Seattle
  • May 18: Houston; Los Angeles

“As a personal finance company, one of the best things we can do to help people manage money is to help them earn more of it,” said Mike Cagney, co-founder, chairman, and chief executive officer of SoFi. “People have a hard time navigating their compensation, which is why we have a Career Advisory team dedicated to our members and are presenting Raise Week to the public.”

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