SoFi Money® charges you $0 in account fees. Zero. Zilch. Zip. Zippo.

Bottom line: your money shouldn’t cost you money. Most banks charge an average of $329 in account fees per year.1 SoFi charges you zero.

Zero Fees

$ 0 account
minimum fees

Stop worrying about getting charged for not having enough in your account.

$ 0 overdraft fees

The average overdraft fee is (gasp) $38.1 SoFi doesn’t charge any.

$ 0 ATM
transaction fees

When you need cash, you shouldn’t be charged for it—no matter where you are. Use any ATM worldwide that accepts Visa®, and we’ll reimburse you for any charges.2

$ 0 foreign
transaction fees

Love to travel? So do we. Now you can spend money internationally without any separate side charges from SoFi.

Full transparency

We worked hard to make SoFi Money® fee-free for all daily account activity. However, you may find that you need to do something above and beyond standard account activities that will incur a service charge.

Service charges

First Replacement Card

Additional Replacement Card

Replacement Card Rush Delivery

Stop Payment Written Stop Payment Orders, and online stop payment notifications, are effective for six (6) months and must be renewed by the customer to continue to be effective for another six (6) months. If you issue a stop payment order orally and do not confirm it in writing (by mail or email), the stop payment order will lapse after 14 calendar days. See Preauthorized Payments in Account Agreement for further details.

Statement & Research -
Legal Processing Processing of any garnishment, tax levy, or other court or administrative order against your accounts, whether or not the funds are actually paid.

SoFi Money® is offered through SoFi Securities,

Rule 606 Order Routing

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