SoFi’s Guide for College Students

Unlike high school (or at least the last semester of it!) college takes a bit more than just showing up. You’ve probably noticed this in class — and out.

Take living on your own and on your own dime, for example. It’s a rite of passage, but exactly how to do this, and what to expect, aren’t so obvious. The same goes for keeping track of your spending – and saving.

That’s where SoFi comes in. As a one-stop shop for your finances, we’re here to help you bank, borrow, budget, and invest – with innovative products, perks, and tools that empower you to take control of your financial journey.

Check it, and us, out. Your wallet will thank you!

Get Your Money Right®

Getting your money right means different things to different people – like paying for school, saving money for living expenses, creating a budget, or starting to invest. But no matter what it means to you, we’re here to help you along your financial path.

Bank with SoFi

Old school: trekking to your local bank to open a low-interest checking account. New school: using your phone to open a competitive-interest, all-in-one checking and saving account — in just minutes. With no hidden costs or fees, SoFi Checking and Savings puts your funds at your fingertips. Plus, college students can earn up to $30 just for signing up and swiping their debit card.

Living Your Best College Life

Living your best life in college doesn’t have to mean stressing about money or giving up on the things you enjoy. Make the most of this time with our smart tips to cover everyday living expenses while budgeting for fun stuff.

Find Funding for School

Summer jobs fall through. Savings run dry. Scholarships aren’t always a guarantee. If your college tuition plans didn’t quite work out, these resources can help you find ways to cover the shortfall.

What you need to know about student loans, grants, and scholarships

You may have different options for funding your education depending on where your school is in the country. Here are some resources to help you cut through the noise.

Select your state to get started:

Borrow from SoFi

After you’ve exhausted your financial aid and federal loan options, SoFi may be able to help you get the money you need for school. With competitive low rates, no fees, and reward points you can use to pay down your debt, our private student loans top many “best” lists. Apply online and cut the waiting-to-know time.

(Pay)Checks and Balances

Why is your paycheck smaller than you expected? How long between when you deposit your paycheck and when you can withdraw money? When it comes to your money, there are no stupid questions. Get answers — and learn the ins and outs of paychecks and bank accounts, literally.

Keep track of your money
with SoFi

It’s 10 pm. Do you know where your money is? SoFi Relay helps you keep tabs on your income and expenses in real-time and at no cost. And with an up-to-date view of your finances, you’ll know what you can afford — and what you can’t.

Get the Perks

Open an account with us (any kind of account – bank, loan, app) and you’ll become a SoFi member. Joining our community comes with loads of benefits, including VIP experiences, referral bonuses, SoFi Rewards, and more! Also, if you join our student ambassador program, you can earn great rewards like limited-edition swag, early access to products, and 2X SoFi rewards points.

Curious About Crypto, NFTs, and Stocks?

It’s never too early to start thinking about investing. Your 20s are a prime time to dive in! Explore how to grow your hard-earned cash with SoFi.

Invest with SoFi

You don’t actually have to be a financial whiz to trade stocks or even crypto. Our beginner’s investing guide can give you a crash course. Once you’re ready, you can test the waters with as little as $5 on SoFi’s investing platform.

Tips from a Financial Planner

SoFi’s Brian Walsh answers your spending, saving, and loan questions on everything from “Is College Worth It?”
to “When Should I Use My Credit Card?”

Stay informed with SoFi

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