A Guide to MekaVerse NFTs

By Samuel Becker · December 15, 2022 · 8 minute read

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A Guide to MekaVerse NFTs

The MekaVerse NFT collection is one of the most hyped and talked-about non-fungible token collections of the past couple of years. While there are many other NFTs that have caputured the attention of investors and others in the crypto space, MekaVerse NFTs is a collection of nearly 9,000 robot-inspired images, each with their own unique stories. That is one of the primary reasons that made them so enticing to investors.

Curious about this new NFT collection? This guide will explain what MekaVerse NFTs are, their history, and everything else you need to know.

Recap: What Is an NFT?

Before getting to MekaVerse NFTs, it’s worth quickly recapping the basics about NFTs.

NFT stands for “non-fungible token,” which is a type of digital asset that typically, but not always, takes the form of some sort of artwork. One way to think of it is that NFTs are much like a digital version of a baseball card — assuming only one copy of the baseball card exists.

NFTs have unique, identifiable metadata codes, meaning that they cannot be copied, and as such are one-of-a-kind. On the other hand, fungible tokens, like Bitcoins, have many copies — they are all the same, and nothing distinguishes one Bitcoin from another. There are also numerous NFT collections. MekaVerse NFTs are one of them, and CryptoPunks is another.

Note, too, that NFTs are somewhat controversial. There is some serious concern about the environmental impact of NFTs, for instance, in a similar vein to concerns around Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The NFT market is rife with scams as well, which opens up some investors to risk.

What Is MekaVerse NFT?

The MekaVerse NFT collection (which you can view here on OpenSea ) is an NFT project that launched in October 2021, and it features 8,888 NFTs. The NFTs themselves feature a very specific artwork style, each boasting robots that are commonly known as “Mekas.” These Mekas are inspired by Gundam-style robots, which is itself a fictional Japanese anime franchise that features giant military robots called “mechas.” Each individual Meka has its own, unique story, or lore, that comes with it.

Since NFTs hit the mainstream over the past few years, the MekaVerse collection is perhaps the most-hyped collection release to date. Its Discord server has thousands of members, and it has more than 250,000 followers on Twitter .

History of MekaVerse

How does a collection of mecha NFTs become one of the most-followed digital asset drops in history? Here’s a brief rundown of the project’s history.

Who Created MekaVerse NFT?

The two main people behind the MekaVerse project are “Matt” and “Mattey,” two European digital and graphic artists. They teamed up with Julien van Dorland, a veteran of the NFT landscape, and in late August 2021, MekaVerse opened social media and Discord accounts to the public to get a look at the NFT artwork.

From there, the project took off.

How Was MekaVerse Created?

The MekaVerse project started a public raffle that was held in early October 2021, with the winners getting a chance to mint NFTs featuring either one or two Mekas. Those NFTs were then made public on OpenSea, an NFT marketplace. There was massive demand, too, as users registered nearly 173,000 wallets for the raffle.

On October 13, 2021, the complete MekaVerse NFT project was revealed . Sales for MekaVerse NFTs commenced, with sales averaging well into the thousands of dollars, and more than 5,000 individuals becoming MekaVerse NFT owners in the subsequent months.

How Do MekaVerse NFTs Work?

The project’s collection of nearly 9,000 NFTs is designed to capitalize on the “scarcity” aspect of NFTs, and therefore, increase their value. Each individual Meka in the project is a unique, three-dimensional creation, further adding to its perceived value.

MekaVerse NFTs work no different than any other NFT, too. They’re unique digital items, and are stored in digital wallets. In that sense, owning or possessing one is the same as owning an NFT from another collection, such as World of Women NFTs.

Further, when someone becomes a holder of a MekaVerse NFT, they become a part of the Meka’s corresponding “faction,” and can then gain access to exclusive events on Twitter and Discord.

How to Buy MekaVerse NFTs

The MekaVerse NFT collection is open to traders, collectors, and NFT investors. It’s housed on OpenSea, which is one of the world’s largest NFT marketplaces.

To browse or buy, you can simply go to the MekaVerse NFT collection on OpenSea , and take a look at all of the NFTs that are available. The marketplace has data related to pricing, bidding, and more. You can make an offer or buy NFTs on OpenSea.

But note that it’ll require that you use Ethereum (ETH), to do so. So, before you can actually make the purchase, you’ll need to create an account, get an Ethereum wallet, and attach it to your OpenSea account, so as to facilitate the transaction.

How Much Do MekaVerse NFTs Cost?

Since NFTs are commodities and traded on a marketplace, their prices are in flux. But if you’re looking for a straightforward answer as to how much MekaVerse NFTs cost, here’s one: They aren’t cheap.

Well, as of November 2022, they might be cheaper than they were in mid-December 2021, when the median price for a MekaVerse NFT was more than $4,500 (although they’re priced in ETH). But some have sold for much more. Around the time the project launched, some NFTs were selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

As of November 2022, though, the median price for a MekaVerse NFT is less than $400.

Most Expensive MekaVerse NFT

To date, the most expensive MekaVerse NFT to sell was Meka #2194 , which sold in late December 2021 for more than 500 ETH. At the time, ETH was trading for around $3,700, which puts the sale price for Meka #2194 at roughly $1.8 million.

As of November 2022, however, the most expensive MekaVerse NFT is Meka #2613, which sold in mid-November for $18,000.

Negative Sentiment Around MegaVerse NFTs

Every project has its issues and detractors, and the MekaVerse project is no different.

For instance, in the early days of the project, there were some delays in revealing some of the NFT images, which led to some lost momentum prior to launch. But those concerns were seemingly dwarfed by allegations of fraud, which surfaced on Twitter after the project launched.

In short, some people allege that certain buyers had early access to metadata (something inherent to all crypto collectibles), giving them an inside look at what images would be contained in certain NFTs — information that wasn’t available to everyone. That means that some buyers could have gotten their hands on high-value NFTs at lower prices, only to see their values shoot up later on.

There’s also been some criticism of the project due to the seeming lack of uniqueness among the NFT images. Some of the images appear to simply have colors swapped, rather than be a completely different Meka.

And finally, there have been some significant concerns about the viability of NFT projects and crypto in general following the significant drop in the cryptocurrency markets during 2022. As discussed, MekaVerse NFTs that were selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars are now selling for hundreds of dollars.

This is all to say that NFTs are speculative and risky investments, and investors should treat them as such.

Was the Negative Hype Justified?

Looking back at the negative hype surrounding the MekaVerse NFT project, it’s easy to say that it was, indeed, justified. That might apply to the entire crypto sphere, too, as values have fallen considerably during 2022.

On a smaller scale, though, it’s hard to say whether the negative sentiment about the MekaVerse project stemming from fraud allegations was likewise justified. Again, the issues relating to a lack of uniqueness among NFTs, and the potential for insider trading or front running, too, is an issue that most or all NFT projects are contending with.

Is the MekaVerse Still Worth Looking At?

Whether or not the MekaVerse is still worth looking at will come down to an investor’s personal preference. Values for NFTs have already fallen significantly, and it’s not hard to imagine that they could continue to decline. On the other hand, there could be a crypto bull run in 2023 — we simply don’t know.

So, from an investment standpoint, NFTs in general should still be considered very risky. There’s a chance that the market could bounce back, but no guarantees.

For simple NFT collectors? The MekaVerse collection could still be worth checking out, especially now that prices are down.

The Takeaway

The MekaVerse NFT collection was one of the most-hyped collections to be released to date. The thousands of mecha-inspired art pieces are still sought-after by collectors and investors, but values have fallen in a big way during the so-called crypto winter of 2022. Further, the MekaVerse team does have a roadmap in place for the future, which includes bringing the MekaVerse into the physical world with clothing and toys. There are also plans to airdrop free NFTs to current holders, which may include “weapons” and “companions” in future online games or events.

Remember, though, that the NFT market is still new and full of potential for creators and investors. However, before investing in cryptocurrencies, NFTs, or any other digital asset, it’s important to research and understand the market.


Did MekaVerse start on Discord?

The MekaVerse didn’t necessarily start on Discord, but it did gain a lot of traction on Discord. At one point in time, the MekaVerse Discord had a member count in the six-figures, which helped the project gain early hype, and ultimately, launch as a success.

Photo credit: iStock/Space_Cat

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