10 Travel Destinations Inspired by Your Favorite TV Shows

By Jamie Cattanach · February 26, 2024 · 10 minute read

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10 Travel Destinations Inspired by Your Favorite TV Shows

More than ever, travelers are taking inspiration from their favorite streaming and TV shows when choosing their next travel destination — a trend known as set-jetting.

According to recent research conducted by OnePoll for Expedia Brands, over half of travelers say they’ve researched or booked a trip to a destination after seeing it on a TV show or movie, and one in four state that TV shows and films are even more influential on their travel plans than they were before.

From channeling Heisenberg in Albuquerque to figuring out how to be one of the “Last of Us” in Boston, here’s a look at 10 top TV travel destinations across the U.S. and beyond.

10 Travel Destinations Inspired by TV Shows

To recreate the magic of your favorite television shows, consider visiting one of these must-see TV destination sites and cities.

1. Alberta, Canada: The Last of Us

When it debuted in January 15, 2023, The Last of Us took America’s TV-watching audiences by storm — and made for an excellent excuse to visit its filming locations in real life. While the storyline positions characters in American locales like Boston and Jackson Hole, in reality, much of the show was shot in Alberta, Canada. Filming was done both in the region’s major cities, like Calgary and Edmonton, as well as more rural areas that show the vast emptiness of what was left after the fungal brain infection devastated mankind.

Travel bonus: In some situations, you don’t need a passport to cross into Canada by land or sea from the U.S.

2. Albuquerque, New Mexico: Breaking Bad

Given that it first aired in 2008, Breaking Bad is officially an oldie, but still a goodie — and Albuquerque, New Mexico, along with the stunning scenery that surround it, continue to be hot destinations for fans. Within Albuquerque itself, die-hards can visit the Dog House, which is a real restaurant of the same name, as well as the Whites’ car wash, the storefront that served as Los Pollos Hermanos, and much more. In fact, there are guided tours to make the process that much easier for you!

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3. New York City: Succession (and Friends, Seinfeld, Sex and the City, and more)

While New York’s most recent beloved television cameo may arguably be Succession, the town has been the setting of countless TV shows and movies — so no matter where you go in the Big Apple, you’re ripe for some déjà vu from the small screen. For Succession fans, specifically, downtown Manhattan is home to The Woolworth Building — i.e., Rava Roy’s home — as well as the Four Seasons Private Residences, just one of the homes of Kendall Roy. Battery Park, where the show’s famed closing sequence was shot, is also worth visiting even if you’ve never seen a single episode.

4. Okmulgee, Oklahoma: Reservation Dogs

While Okern, Oklahoma — the setting of Reservation Dogs — is fictional, Okmulgee, the town where most of the scenes are shot, is not. Just shy of two hours east of Oklahoma CIty, Okmulgee is indeed within the bounds of a Muscogee (Creek) Nation Reservation, and its name comes from a Muscogee word “okimulgee,” meaning “boiling waters.”

5. Goodwood, Ontario, Canada: Schitt’s Creek

Ew, David! — is fortunately not something you’re likely to say if you visit Goodwood, Ontario, the tiny town chosen to represent the titular setting of Schitt’s Creek. In reality, this middle-of-nowhere burg is located just an hour and a half outside of downtown Toronto, and generously welcomes tourist-fans hoping to step foot into their favorite fictional small town. (Several of the show’s filming locations are marked right on Google maps.) It’s a great example of travel destinations inspired by TV shows.

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6. London, England: Ted Lasso and Bridgerton

A trip to London puts you amidst tons of TV history, most recently Ted Lasso and Bridgerton. Searches for Richmond in London increased by 160% after season two of Ted Lasso aired, and they doubled after season three aired, according to the Expedia poll. If you’re missing everyone’s favorite coach, you can meander through the town of Richmond in southwest London, enjoy a pint in The Prince’s Head (the setting for the show’s favorite watering hole, The Crown & Anchor), walk Coach Lasso’s street (Paved Court), and kick a ball around Richmond Park.

If you’re on a streaming-inspired vacation, you might next jump on a train from Richmond to Hampton Court. Within an hour, you’ll arrive near Hampton Court Palace where Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story was filmed.

7. Oahu, Hawaii: Lost

Looking for yet another reason to visit Hawaii? If you happen to be a Lost fan, you should know that most of the show was shot on the stunning island of Oahu. (That said, if you’re a serious Lost fan, chances are you do already know.)

Because so many of the show’s gorgeous, heartrending shots were taken in the wilds of the island, those who want the most bang for their buck might want to take a professional tour of Lost film locales. Bonus: These tour operators can also typically point out where other shows and movies, including Hawaii Five-0, Jumanji 2018, and Jurassic World, were shot.

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8. Seattle, Washington: Grey’s Anatomy

With 19 seasons in existence and a 20th officially on the way in 2024, Grey’s Anatomy is one of the longest-running and best-loved medical dramas on TV — and it’s set in one of the most beautiful and interesting cities in the Pacific Northwest. Aside from just taking in the iconic skyline that regularly flashes across the screen during transitional scenes in the show (including both Mount Rainier and the Space Needle), Grey’s fans can stroll Seattle’s Queen Anne neighborhood (home to Meredith Grey’s “Intern House”), see Seattle Grace Hospital (actually not a hospital but KOMO Plaza), and take a ferry across Puget Sound (like Meredith and Derek often did).

9. Scranton, Pennsylvania: The Office

No self-respecting fan of The Office could ever forget where the series is set — but have you ever considered actually making a pilgrimage to see the town in person? Only about two and a half hours’ drive from either New York City or Philadelphia, Scranton offers fans the opportunity to visit legendary sites like Poor Richard’s Pub and Alfredo’s Pizza Cafe. The Lackawanna County Visitors Bureau has even produced a self-guided walking tour, complete with an illustrated map, for visitors.

10. Taormina, Sicily: The White Lotus

To enjoy the beauty — but hopefully not all the drama — of the second season of The White Lotus, head to Taormina in Sicily, a small island off Italy’s southern coast. While you may want to spend less on your hotel, you can still check out the one used in the show, the Four Seasons San Domenico Palace, which is a former monastery that dates back to the 1300s. From there, you can take in views of the Ionian Sea, an ancient amphitheater, and Mount Etna. You can also tour some of the small villages visited by Harper and Daphne, such as Taormina and Noto. To lie on the actual beach used in the show, you’ll need to take a jaunt to Cefalu on the other side of the island.

Popular Travel TV Shows

While it’s fun to travel to the sites of your favorite comedies and dramas, there are plenty of travel-focused TV shows that can also provide inspiration for your upcoming trip. For example, the late Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown offers twelve full seasons of off-the-beaten-path destinations to explore (and eat your way through), and themed shows, like Booze Traveler, make it easy to sniff out the best cocktails from around the world. The world is literally your oyster — or your oyster shot!

You might also check out The Reluctant Traveler with Eugene Levy (of Schitt’s Creek fame), which follows the self-admitted non-adventurer while he ice floats in Finland, tackles his lifelong fear of heights on a suspension bridge over the Costa Rican jungle, and much more.

If you’re a fan of Rainn Wilson (Dwight Shrute from The Office), you might enjoy Rainn Wilson and the Geography of Bliss. The docuseries follows the actor, who has openly discussed his battles with depression and anxiety, as he travels the globe searching for the secrets to the happiest societies.

Benefits of Travel Destinations Inspired by TV Shows

Traveling is almost always a broadening experience, giving travelers the opportunity to step into other cultures and ways of living. And when you travel in a way that’s inspired by your favorite TV show, the experience is amplified all the more by your emotional connection to the characters on the show. The process can make you feel like you’re part of something bigger than yourself — and like you’re joining your favorite fictional characters in their own world.

Travel Destinations Inspired by TV Shows: Important Tips and Tricks

As much fun as it can be to travel to your favorite TV-inspired destinations, vacations generally don’t come cheap. Here are some of our best tips for how to travel in luxury on a budget, whether you’ll be touring internationally or domestically.

•   Travel with fellow fans. While traveling solo certainly has its pleasures, coordinating your trip with family or friends who share your love for a particular series can be an effective budget travel option. For example, as a group, you might rent a large Airbnb with a pool. Group travel also allows you to split the cost of food, gas, and accommodations for the trip. If your group is large enough, certain tours and attractions might also offer you a group discount.

•   Book travel in advance — but not too far in advance. When it comes to domestic travel, the best prices are usually available between about five to one months before your travel dates. (International fares, on the other hand, are usually cheaper if you plan out a little further.)

•   Redeem your rewards. Consider using your credit card miles or cash back to cover the cost of all — or part — of your trip. You may have racked up enough points to cover your airfare and/or hotel. If you’re part of a hotel reward program, now may be a good time to cash in on a free night. Maybe you have points from renting a car from the same agency every time. Working those freebies and discounts can really pay off.

•   Be flexible with travel dates. The dates you choose for your TV-inspired trip can significantly impact the total cost. If possible, consider traveling during the shoulder season or off season for that location. If you are heading to London (and Coach Lasso’s world), for example, November and February tend to be the most budget-friendly months.

The Takeaway

Looking to plan your next getaway in 2024? Consider traveling to one of the locales of your favorite TV shows to enhance your experience.

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What is the most trendy travel destination?

Top travel trends for 2024 include:

•   Rest and relaxation This year, it’s less about fitting as many international cities into a two-week trip as possible and more about slowing down. Travelers are increasingly looking to travel as a way to invest in their physical and mental health.

•   Backyard travel After a post-pandemic surge in international travel, people are now scaling back their travel ambitions and focusing more on their own backyards — meaning destinations within a reasonable driving distance. The high cost of travel is also a contributing factor.

•   Destination dupes A trend newly popularized on TikTok, travelers are looking to swap overly touristy and pricey places with less pressured, cheaper alternatives — aka “destination dupes.” Dreaming about the Greek isles? You might try Tarpon Springs, Florida. Longing to visit a quaint German town? Helen, Georgia may fit the bill.

Who is the biggest travel influencer?

In today’s hyper-online world, new influencers appear (and drop out) of the popular conversation every day. In 2024, some of the most popular travel influencers include Jack Morris (@doyoutravel), Chris Burkard (@chrisburkard), and Lauren Bullen (@gypsea_lust).

What is an example of a film tourism destination?

One of the most famous film tourism locations is Scotland, where countless Harry Potter fans make a pilgrimage each year to visit the filming locale of their favorite movies. From the craggy Highlands to the stone-lined streets of Edinburgh, fans will easily recognize many scenes from their favorite shots.

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