What Is a Mortgage Payoff Statement or Letter? All You Need to Know

By Austin Kilham · April 09, 2024 · 5 minute read

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What Is a Mortgage Payoff Statement or Letter? All You Need to Know

If you’re thinking about refinancing your home loan or paying off your mortgage early, you might request a mortgage payoff statement. The amount due on this document is likely to be different from your current balance because it includes interest owed until the payoff date and any fees due.

Read on to learn more about what a mortgage payoff statement or letter is and when you might need one.

What Is a Mortgage Payoff Statement?

Starting with mortgage basics, a mortgage is a loan used to purchase different types of real estate, including a primary home. A bank or other lender agrees to lend money, which the borrower commits to pay back monthly for a set period of time and with interest.

The different types of mortgage loans include conventional and government-insured mortgages and reverse mortgages.

There are jumbo loans, which exceed the dollar limits set by the Federal Housing Finance Agency, and home equity loans.

Say you have a mortgage and want to know exactly how much you’d need to pay to satisfy the loan. A mortgage payoff letter will tell you that magic number. Unlike your current balance, the payoff amount includes interest owed up to the day you intend to pay off the loan. It may also include fees that you’re on the hook for and haven’t paid yet.

Your monthly mortgage statement, on the other hand, only shows your loan balance and the amount due for your next monthly payment.

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How Does a Mortgage Payoff Statement Work?

You can request a payoff statement from your loan servicer at any time. Note: Your mortgage servicer may be different from your lender. The company that manages your loan handles billing, accepts loan payments, keeps track of your principal and interest, and fields questions from borrowers.

You may request a payoff statement for any type of loan, including mortgages, student loans, personal loans, and auto loans. However, if you need your mortgage payoff statement, go to your mortgage servicer directly. The name and contact information of your mortgage servicer is included in your monthly statements.

When you make the request from the company that handles your mortgage servicing, you’ll need to provide the following details:

•   Your name

•   Address

•   Phone number

•   Your loan number

•   The date you want your payoff to be effective if you’re seeking to pay off your mortgage early.

Asking for a payoff statement does not necessarily mean that you intend to pay off your loan immediately. You may simply be determining whether or not paying off your mortgage early is feasible, for example. The request itself does not initiate the prepayment process.

Traditional lenders, such as brick-and-mortar banks, may mail you a paper mortgage payoff statement. Online lenders may send a payoff statement online.

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What Information Do Mortgage Payoff Letters Contain?

All mortgage payoff letters tend to contain similar information, including:

•   Payoff amount: The amount of money that would satisfy the loan.

•   Expiration date: The date through which the payoff amount is valid. The letter may also include an adjusted amount should you pay before or after the expiration date.

•   Payment information: The letter will also usually tell you who to make the final check out to and where to mail it.

•   Additional charges: You will be alerted to any additional fees and charges that you’ll need to include.

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Do You Need a Mortgage Payoff Statement?

There are a few common situations in which you might need a payoff statement.

•   Refinancing a mortgage: When you refinance your mortgage, your chosen lender pays off your old home loan with a new one, preferably with a lower interest rate and possibly a new term. When you seek to refinance, your new lender may ask you to provide a payoff statement on your current loan.

•   Prepaying a mortgage: It’s possible to pay off a mortgage early. A payoff statement will show you exactly how much you’d need to pay to do so. Most prepayment penalties for residential home loans that originated after January 10, 2014, are prohibited. Still, check before you decide to prepay.

•   Working with a debt relief company: If you’re having trouble managing your debts, you’ve fallen behind on payments, or you otherwise need mortgage relief, you may choose to work with a debt relief company that can help negotiate with your lenders. The company will need to see payoff statements to get an idea of the scope of your debt.

•   Collections and liens: A lender might send you a payoff statement if you’ve fallen behind on your payments and they are sending your debt to a collection agency. In this case, the payoff statement may tell you how much you need to pay to stop the collection action.

   If your lender decides to seize your home to recoup unpaid mortgage payments, they may place a lien on the property. They may send a payoff statement that alerts you that your property will be seized if the specified amount isn’t paid in full.

There are other ways to figure out how much you owe on your mortgage loan. You can talk to your lender and ask for a verbal payoff quote. This will provide an estimate, but understand that it is not a legal agreement and isn’t binding.

The Takeaway

If you have a home loan, you may want to request a mortgage payoff statement, especially if you’re thinking about refinancing or paying off your mortgage early. Requesting the mortgage payoff letter does not initiate any formal processes, so it’s fine to think of it as an information-gathering exercise.

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How do I get my mortgage payoff statement?

Contact your loan servicer to request your mortgage payoff statement.

When should I get my mortgage payoff statement?

Request your mortgage payoff statement when planning to prepay your mortgage, refinance, or consolidate debt.

How long does it take to get a mortgage payoff statement?

Generally speaking, you should receive your mortgage payoff statement within seven business days of your request.

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