Mortgage Bankers: What Do They Do?

By Alene Laney · March 06, 2023 · 5 minute read

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Mortgage Bankers: What Do They Do?

Mortgage bankers originate, sell, and service residential mortgages for consumers on behalf of the lender they work for. They also may provide escrow services. A mortgage banker plays a central role as people navigate the complexities of applying for a mortgage.

Mortgage bankers are often the first and last point of contact. Getting a home mortgage loan that works for your financial situation, as well as saves you money, is incredibly valuable.

What Is a Mortgage Banker?

An individual or an institution that originates, sells, or services a mortgage can be considered a mortgage banker.

Individual mortgage bankers work for a single lending institution and help applicants sort through the different mortgage types. Mortgage bankers are also called mortgage lenders or mortgage loan officers when referred to in this way.

Customers who want help understanding mortgages or who have questions about mortgages can be assisted by mortgage bankers.

Mortgage bankers can get homebuyers on the right road with mortgage preapproval. They serve as the primary point of contact for buyers’ lending needs.

A mortgage banker can also be an institution, such as a bank, credit union, or other direct mortgage lender. When talking about a mortgage banker that services a loan, for example, it’s in reference to the institution.

A mortgage loan originator employed by a credit union, bank, or a subsidiary of a bank does not have to obtain a loan originator license. Nonbank mortgage loan originators must be licensed in the states where they do business and must be registered with the Nationwide Multistate Licensing System & Registry.

The licensing requirements were put in place after the mortgage meltdown of 2008 to protect consumers from predatory lending and to prevent fraud.

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Services Offered by a Mortgage Banker

At their core, mortgage bankers have the ability to create or sell a new mortgage loan. They also have the ability to service it once the loan closes.

Originate Loans

Mortgage bankers originate loans, meaning they take an application and create a new mortgage for a residential home. The loan is usually sold to Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac.

Sell Loans

Mortgage bankers sell loans so they can engage in more lending. If it’s a conventional loan, the sale typically goes to the government-backed enterprises, Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. This increases lenders’ liquidity so they can originate more loans to more customers instead of carrying the amount of the loan on their books.

Service Loans

Once the mortgage has closed, the lender needs to be paid every month. This is what mortgage servicers do: They take on the day-to-day task of making sure your payment gets to all parties that need to be paid. Servicing loans is usually in reference to the mortgage banker as an institution, not the individual mortgage loan officer.

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How Do Mortgage Bankers Make Money?

Individual mortgage bankers may make money from a salary, commission, or a combination.

Institutional mortgage bankers make money from origination fees, mortgage points, mortgage servicing, mortgage-backed securities, and the yield spread premium. The yield spread premium is how much money they make based on what they charge a customer relative to how much it costs to obtain that financing.

Differences Between a Mortgage Banker and a Loan Officer

Mortgage banker and loan officer, or loan originator: These terms are often used interchangeably.

However, while a mortgage banker can refer to both individuals and institutions, a loan officer is always an individual.

Differences Between a Mortgage Banker and a Mortgage Broker

In your research to get the best mortgage, you may have also come across mortgage brokers. Though applying for a mortgage will have the same requirements whether you go through a mortgage broker or a mortgage banker, a mortgage banker is different from a mortgage broker in who they work for and how they obtain your mortgage.

A mortgage banker works for a single lending institution that makes loans directly to consumers. The lending decision and underwriting are typically made at the bank level, which can streamline the process.

A mortgage broker works with many different lenders. This is helpful if you want to shop around or need to find a specialty loan not offered by all lenders.

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When Is It Better to Have a Mortgage Banker Than a Broker?

Your best bet for finding a home loan with terms most favorable to your financial situation is to shop around for a mortgage. A mortgage banker is closer to the lending process than a mortgage broker, but a broker has access to a greater number of lenders.

Be sure you’re comparing apples to apples on the mortgages offered to you by studying the loan estimate you’re given by each lender after applying.

The Takeaway

A mortgage banker can play a major role in getting you to the closing table with the right loan. By any name — mortgage banker, loan officer, loan originator — this person is a key guide during the home-buying journey.

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What does a mortgage banker do?

A mortgage banker can originate, sell, and service loans for customers.

Is a mortgage banker similar to a mortgage broker?

Not really. A mortgage banker works for a single lender and makes loans directly to you. Mortgage brokers do not lend money but instead find a lender to work with their buyer.

How do you choose a mortgage banker?

Shopping around for a mortgage banker can help you choose one that works for your budget and financial situation.

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