39 Daily Money Affirmations for Financial Abundance

By Marcy Lovitch · July 18, 2022 · 8 minute read

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39 Daily Money Affirmations for Financial Abundance

If you’re finding it hard to be optimistic about increasing your riches, you may want to start adding financial affirmations to your everyday routine. Affirmations specifically targeting money have the power to change self-defeating or negative self-talk when it comes to your finances. And when you start replacing a pessimistic mindset about earning, spending and getting out of debt with a positive one, you’re more likely to take the needed steps to attract the wealth you want — or so the thinking behind daily affirmations goes.

Reciting affirmations may seem awkward at first and the truth is, some people won’t find daily money mantras a game-changer. The good news is, daily money affirmations don’t cost anything and you control the story. Here’s the lowdown on financial affirmations so you can decide if they’re right for you:

What Are Money Affirmations?

Money affirmations are positive words, phrases, and sentences designed to turn discouraging thoughts about money into positive ones. The hope is by regularly speaking these uplifting statements to yourself, either in your head or out loud, you’ll reprogram your brain. When you swap out the old notions for the new thoughts and they become your new truth, you can get busy putting them into action.

The types of financial affirmations vary depending on what your money goals are. For example, you can create statements about increasing your income, getting out of debt, saving money, as well as expressing gratitude for the financial abundance you already have.

Creating your own personal affirmations are all about dealing with your specific money issues or blocks and how you can move forward.

While there’s no set rule on how many times a day you should verbalize your money affirmations, it helps to be consistent so it becomes a habit. A good start might be picking one powerful affirmation and repeat it throughout the day. Or you could choose three to five affirmations that you recite for five minutes or several times in a day.

Be forewarned that taking on too many at once may feel overwhelming and scatter your focus. Once you get the hang of it and it feels more doable, you can try adding more.

Optimizing Your Money Affirmations

Positive affirmations may work better if you put them in present tense, such as “I can,” “I am,” or “I have” instead of using language such as “I will,” “I should” or “I could.” Why? Statements promising future outcomes suggest you could be a certain way instead of dealing with the reality of where you are now.

It can take a while to retool your thinking, so try not to get discouraged if in the beginning, progress seems slow or non-existent. Remember, it took years to shape your current beliefs so it can take some time to adjust to new ones.

Pros and Cons of Money Affirmations

As mentioned earlier, affirmations don’t always appeal to or work for everyone. Depending on your current state of mind and life circumstances, financial affirmations may seem trivial, frivolous, or simply not a priority. If you’re experiencing some stressful times or financial hardships, you may not have the emotional or mental bandwidth to take them on.

On the flip side, many people find the daily practice empowers them, provides clarity, and motivates them to take more financial control and responsibility.

Before you take the plunge, here’s some pros and cons to consider:

Pros of Using Money Affirmations

•   Give you a wider perspective on your core values surrounding your finances

•   Assist in setting personal boundaries

•   Help in creating a realistic budget

•   Cultivate a positive relationship with money

•   Keep you focused on your vision and financial goals

•   Home in on your strengths

•   Boost your self-image and confidence

•   Celebrate past financial successes and current achievements

•   Encourage problem-solving

•   Allow you to explore other possibilities to expand your wealth

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Cons of Using Money Affirmations

•   Can feel inauthentic if they fail to align with your personal core beliefs or you don’t believe what you’re saying

•   Put too much self-applied pressure to transform your financial picture quickly

•   Can be time-consuming and easy to let slide if you’re busy

•   Require daily financial discipline, commitment, and persistence

•   May not cause any positive shifts in your thinking and so lead you to feel you’ve wasted valuable time

•   May make you feel foolish, self-conscious, or uncomfortable reciting them

•   May bring up painful emotions about money you may not be ready to address even with with financial therapy

•   Create self-doubt or self-defeating feelings if you’ve chosen affirmations that aren’t realistic or attainable

•   May overwhelm you and zap your emotional energy, especially if you’re going through difficult times

•   Probably won’t provide instant gratification if you want or need a quicker mental money fix

39 Ways to Think Your Way to Being a Millionaire

Want to give daily affirmations a try? Reciting any of these to yourself daily may help transform negative thoughts into positive ones:

1.    I choose to only have positive thoughts about money.

2.    I release my fears around money.

3.    I have the power to create and build the wealth that I desire.

4.    I am open to receiving financial abundance.

5.    I’m worthy and deserving of a wealthy life.

6.    If others can be wealthy, so can I.

7.    Prosperity is drawn to me.

8.    I trust I’m on a path to becoming more financially solvent.

9.    I believe I can achieve my financial goals.

10.    I am capable of handling money.

11.    I’m working to build a strong money foundation and achieve financial wellness.

12.    I find the positives in my current financial situation.

13.    My debt doesn’t control me, I can manage it, and I can become debt free.

14.    I overcome all obstacles that lie in my way of financial success.

15.    I want more money and that’s OK.

16.    Saving money is a positive challenge.

17.    I can make my dreams a reality by sticking to a budget.

18.    Starting an emergency fund to protect myself is something I can do.

19.    Every dollar saved puts me closer to financial freedom.

20.    Each day is an opportunity for me to change my money story.

21.    Money well-spent is a source of good and positive things.

22.    The more I give, the wealthier I become.

23.    I use money to improve my life.

24.    Wealth flows into my life consistently.

25.    There are countless ways I can bring more money into my life.

26.    Everything I need to build wealth is available to me right now.

27.    I choose to focus on money coming to me with ease.

28.    My income can exceed my expenses.

29.    I deserve to increase my income.

30.    There are no limits to the amount of money I can make.

31.    I can profit off of my skills.

32.    I’m happy to pay my bills for all they provide me.

33.    I’m grateful for the money I have now and the money that’s on its way to me.

34.    Money can expand my life opportunities and open me up to new experiences.

35.    The money I earn and spend makes me happy.

36.    My net worth is not my self-worth.

37.    I move from poverty thinking to financial abundance thinking.

38.    My life is full of riches beyond money and my happiness is surging.

39.    I have a millionaire mindset. I think like a millionaire. I act like a millionaire, I feel like a millionaire, I am a millionaire.

The Takeaway

Changing long-held, entrenched beliefs about money can be challenging. Incorporating a regular routine of financial affirmations offers the possibility of changing your mindset to a positive and hopefully productive one. While these affirmations may not appeal to everybody, if you feel stuck and want to take some baby steps toward improving your money picture, affirmations may be worth a try.

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How do you write affirmations for manifestation money?

A review of affirmations on the internet found that they generally have two things in common: they often start with “I” and they are in the present tense. Some people feel money mantras should be short (mo’ money!); others think they just need to resonate with the people who recite them.

How do you attract the abundance of money?

Of course, the idea of attracting something like the abundance of money is based more on belief than anything else. If you believe you can attract it, that belief may lead you to take action – perhaps, to start a business or at least to make a plan. So to attract the abundance of money, you may want to start by believing that you are capable of becoming rich.

How do I get a millionaire mindset?

The first step is probably ridding your mind of self-defeating thoughts. But just being positive isn’t enough. You likely want to develop attitudes associated with successful people: being open to learning, not fearing failure, and being proactive.

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