A Guide to All Things Insurance

While learning about all the available types of insurance may not make for the most entertaining time of your life, it is time well spent. After all, insurance is a way to protect you, your family, your assets, and your finances in the event of the unexpected. That’s why we’ve collected our best insurance resources to help you evaluate your options, navigate the process, and fit insurance into your overall financial plan.

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Intro to Insurance

If you have questions about insurance planning, coverage, and general concepts, here’s a good place to start. Read about the basics of insurance before you commit to a plan.

Life Insurance

A life insurance policy that fits your specific needs can protect your family in the future. Learn more about the importance of life insurance, the different policies to choose from, and how to purchase a policy.

Insurance for Homeowners and Renters

Your home will probably be the biggest expense of your life. Here’s what you should know to make sure it’s protected as an owner—or renter.

Understanding the Terminology

Insurance terms and phrases can get complicated. Check out these explainers that break down the most common insurance concepts you will see when shopping for plans.

Auto Insurance

If you own a car, liability car insurance is a legal requirement in all states and Washington, DC. Find out how much you need, what’s covered, and more.

FAQ About Life Insurance

Your answers to common life insurance questions, all in one place.

Health Insurance

Health insurance may not be top of mind until you need it. Make sure you and your family are covered with the right plan to lower health-related expenses in the future.

Pet Insurance

Protecting your loved ones should include your furry family members, too! Here’s what you should know to help cover those expensive vet bills.

Insurance Offered by Employers

If you’re newly employed, you may wonder if the insurance offered by your employer is enough for your needs. Learn more about what is typically included in employer-sponsored insurance plans.

SoFi Resources

SoFi offers the following resources to help you get the insurance coverage you need:

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