Put your savings
on autopilot.

SoFi makes saving money second nature.
Organize your cash and set savings goals with Vaults—
and save the change when you spend with Roundups.

Get SoFi Checking and Savings

You have savings goals.
SoFi Checking and Savings has Vaults.

Vaults make it easy to separate your spending from your savings while still earning interest on all your money. Set aside money for a new home, a new home office, and more. Track your progress, set up recurring monthly deposits, and pay zero account fees or minimum balance fees.

Turn cents into savings
with Roundups.

Spend on your SoFi debit card and we’ll automatically round up every purchase to the nearest dollar and transfer it to one of your Vaults. It’s the easiest way to save without even thinking about it.

All that and then some.

Not only does SoFi supercharge your savings with 11x the national checking rate, it also has no account fees, up to 4.00% APY and offers 2-day paycheck with direct deposit.1 2 3


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