June Reading Roundup

By: Kaitlyn Farley · June 01, 2023 · Reading Time: 3 minutes

There’s an astounding correlation between warmer weather and lighter wallets. The desire to jet-set across the country, take a beach vacation, and even shell out to make your backyard the perfect at-home oasis can really take a toll on your savings.

But you can still make summer memories without burning a hole in your pocket. To help you soak up the sun and the savings, we’ve rounded up a few tips and tricks to have a super summer while also being a super-saver.

Saving on Summer Vacations

Planning a summer vacation with the family can be a daunting and expensive task, but there are ways to cut costs tremendously even before you step foot on a plane. The savings really start at step one: choosing a destination. Instead of shelling out for a three-day trip to a popular location like New York City, consider a less expensive destination, like South Carolina, which can cost less and may even allow you to spend more time there. In fact, some international destinations, like Africa , can be even cheaper than traveling within the 50 states! Just remember to keep your furry pals in mind when planning your vacation. Traveling with pets can get expensive, so finding pet-friendly accommodations will be key.

Another big summer saver is finding a cheap cruise, be it for the entire family, a nice couple’s getaway, a weekend trip with the girls, or even a solo trip. You can find discount cruises on travel websites, and some cruises even have bundle deals that include transportation to and from the ship, meals, entertainment, and excursions. No matter if you’re traveling by land, sea, or air, you can save big on travel by packing light, avoiding expensive tourist-trap destinations, and packing your own snacks (or even meals!)

Enjoying a Summer Staycation

Not planning a major getaway this summer? There are still plenty of ways to enjoy the summer months close to home. You can check your local listings for summer events and festivals to go out and enjoy, or opt to set the summer vibes at home with a nice cocktail (or mocktail), some relaxing summery music, and and a free book !

And if you’re itching for a change of scenery, consider an overnight roadtrip to a nearby destination. With a little research, couples looking to recreate the magic from their honeymoon may find a local destination to visit that’s just as intimate, at a fraction of the cost. And if it’s a weekend getaway with a few friends that you’re craving, consider playing “tourist” and traveling to a local attraction that you’ve never considered visiting before. You may find it more enjoyable than you think.

Making Saving Fun

Who says saving itself can’t be fun? Turn your savings goals into a game by taking on a money saving challenge . You could even recruit some friends or family members to save along with you, and motivate and support each other throughout the challenge.

You can also get more creative in the ways that you save money. Have a hobby, like crocheting or candle-making? Try selling your goods at local craft fairs or online. This lets you continue creating your art, keep your home clutter-free, and even make some cash off of something you enjoy! Even without a hobby you can scour social media for DIY projects that could save you money like making your own house cleaner or crafting desk organizers out of cardboard.

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The Takeaway

“Summer” and “saving” don’t have to be in conflict with each other. Save big on summer vacations by choosing cheaper destinations, packing light, and finding cheap accommodations for your furry friend. Scour the web for travel discounts and bundles, and pack your own food to avoid overspending at expensive restaurants. You can save even more money by visiting local destinations or just staying at home and relaxing with a nice drink and book.

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