Gen Z Is Redefining American Work Culture

By: James Flippin · February 13, 2023 · Reading Time: 3 minutes

The Rise of Entrepreneurship

Gen Z might be the youngest generation in the workforce, but they’re not letting that limit their ambition. According to a recent study conducted by Microsoft (MSFT), roughly 2 in 3 Gen Z workers own their own business or plan to start one eventually.

This entrepreneurial urge likely has to do with the pandemic. Much of Gen Z entered a workforce plagued by layoffs and furloughs, making the idea of a stable job, valued highly by prior generations, appear trivial. Moreover, quarantine offered workers of all ages the rare opportunity to take a step back from their job and ask, “Is this really what I want to be doing with my life?”

For most younger employees, it would appear the answer was no.

Taking Back Control

For Gen Z, owning a business isn’t just about money. It’s also about having control. Just under half of Gen Z works multiple side hustles, opting for flexible work schedules over a traditional 9 to 5. In fact, according to Microsoft’s report, over 90% of Gen Z entrepreneurs work unconventional hours.

The flexibility to work on your own terms and take personal time as needed are priorities for the newest generation of workers. But that doesn’t mean Gen Z is lazy. 81% of Gen Z business owners also report they work on vacation — 20% above the average across generations.

Finding Fulfillment

The Gen Z drive to own a business isn’t about wanting to work less. In many cases, these business owners are working longer hours than they’d work at a traditional job. The difference is that, rather than choosing between passion and profit, Gen Z hopes to have both.

Many of these emerging companies are driven by mission over money. And among those that prioritize social good, 82% of Gen Z respondents feel this mission-driven mindset helps their businesses grow.

Despite the difficult circumstances faced so far, Gen Z’s work culture prioritizes entrepreneurship, hard work, and flexibility. In other words, even as generations change, the American Dream remains the same.

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