SoFi Active Invest ACAT Promotion

Earn a bonus (as described below) when you transfer investments from another brokerage firm into a taxable SoFi Invest Active brokerage or Active retirement account (Traditional, Roth, or SEP IRA). Bonus amounts are based on the total net dollar amount (incoming transfers less outgoing transfers) of settled transfers from another brokerage to an individual SoFi Invest account during each calendar month. Bonuses will be paid within 14 days of the last day of the month in which the transferred assets settled in your SoFi Invest account. Bonuses will be paid into the same account you transferred investments into. Transfers into multiple accounts may not be combined. Assets are required to remain in your SoFi account for 180 days. SoFi reserves the right to recoup up to the bonus amount from any withdrawals that take place prior to the 180-day period. SoFi also reserves the right to change or terminate this promotion at any time without notice. Important Tax Information: The value of the reward you receive may constitute taxable income. SoFi Securities LLC may issue a Form 1099 (or other appropriate form) to you that reflects the value of the reward. Please consult your tax advisor. SoFi Securities LLC and its affiliates and associates do not provide tax advice.

Transfer Amount Bonus
$1,000-$4,999.99 $25
$5,000-$19,999.99 $50
$20,000-$99,999.99 $125
$100,000-$249,999.99 $250
$250,000-$499,999.99 $500
$500,000-$999,999.99 $1,000
$1,000,000-$1,999,999.99 $2,500
$2,000,000 + $5,000

We do not accept mutual funds. These funds would need to be liquidated prior to initiating an ACAT with SoFi. Please contact your brokerage firm to complete this action, prior to submitting an ACAT.

We do not accept cryptocurrency transfers, and we do not accept stocks that trade on OTC, Pink Sheets, and/or most low-priced securities. Check our Invest platform for any associated stocks you may be interested in transferring – if they appear in SoFi Invest, they are eligible to be transferred to us.

If you transfer a brokerage account with total asset value over $5,000 through the ACAT system, SoFi will reimburse up to $75 of ACAT Fees from your outgoing brokerage firm.

Active Investing and brokerage services are provided by SoFi Securities LLC, Member FINRA/SIPC, (“Sofi Securities). Clearing and custody of all securities are provided by APEX Clearing Corporation.

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