SoFi Active Invest ACAT Promotion

The SoFi Active Invest ACAT Promotion (“ACAT Promotion” or “Offer”) is governed by the following Terms & Conditions:

1. Offer – Earn a bonus (as described in the table below) when you transfer investments from another brokerage firm into a taxable SoFi Invest Active brokerage or Active retirement account (Traditional, Roth, or SEP IRA). Bonus amounts are based on the total net dollar amount (incoming transfers less outgoing transfers) of settled transfers from another brokerage to an individual SoFi Active Invest account during each calendar month. Bonuses will be paid within 14 days of the last day of the month in which the transferred assets settled in your SoFi Invest account. Bonuses will be paid into the same account you transferred investments into. Transfers into multiple accounts may not be combined.

Assets are required to remain in your SoFi account for 2 years. SoFi reserves the right to recoup up to the bonus amount from any withdrawals that take place prior to the 2 year period. SoFi also reserves the right to change or terminate this promotion at any time without notice.

Transfer Amount Bonus
$5,000-$24,999.99 $100
$25,000-$99,999 $200
$100,000-$249,999 $500
$250,000-$499,999 $750
$500,000-$999,999 $1,000
$1,000,000-$4,999,999 $2,500
$5,000,000 + $10,000

2. Offer Period – The Offer Period will run from April 16, 2024 to midnight of December 31, 2024. This period may be extended at SoFi’s discretion.

3. Eligibility – The ACAT Promotion is available to customers who have (1) an existing Active Investing Account in good standing or have successfully opened an account during the Offer Period through SoFi Securities LLC. And (2) have successfully transferred assets via ACAT. Only assets received through an ACAT transfer are eligible. The assets must be received before the end of the Offer Period to be eligible for the tired bonus.

4. Eligibility Period – Two (2) years from the close of the Offer Period. If assets are removed prior to the conclusion of the eligibility period, SoFi may recoup the bonus amount.

5. Limitations – This ACAT Promotion may not be combined with any other offer.

SoFi does not accept cryptocurrency transfers, and does not accept stocks that trade on OTC, Pink Sheets, and/or most low-priced securities. Check the Invest platform for any associated stocks you may be interested in transferring – if they appear in SoFi Invest, they are eligible to be transferred.

If SoFi suspects that there may have been fraudulent activity, or a violation of these Terms & Conditions in connection with the Offer, or a violation of the customer agreement SoFi reserves the right to either decline to grant the Offer, or to rescind the Offer. SoFi reserves the right to liquidate any security to make up for any shortfall. SoFi reserves the right to delay granting the ACAT Promotion if there are indications of fraud or a violation of these Terms.

6. Not a Recommendation – The ACAT Promotion is not a recommendation to buy, sell, or hold any security, nor is the Offer a recommendation or endorsement of any investment strategy. The Offer is not a recommendation that a customer rollover or transfer assets into a SoFi Active Invest account, nor a recommendation for any specific account type. There are many factors that an investor should consider before initiating an ACAT transfer – an investor should consult with a qualified advisor prior to initiating any transfer of assets

Customers that wish to participate in the ACAT Promotion are acknowledging the offer is not investment advice and are participating in the Offer voluntarily.

7. Taxes – Each investor’s tax situation is unique and SoFi does not give tax advice. Investors should consult a qualified tax advisor prior to making any transfer as sales may affect your tax situation.

The value of the reward you receive may constitute taxable income. SoFi Securities LLC may issue a Form 1099 (or other appropriate form) to you that reflects the value of the reward. Please consult your tax advisor. SoFi Securities LLC and its affiliates and associates do not provide tax advice.

8. Other Disclosures – SoFi reserves the right to change the Offer terms or terminate the offer at any time without notice. The offer is not transferable, saleable, or valid in conjunction with certain other offers and is available to U.S. residents only. The offer is only available for personal use, and may not be used for commercial purposes.

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