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Kukun is the one-stop-shop for all your home remodeling needs. Estimate the cost of a home improvement project and measure its impact on the value of your home. Learn the basics, generate ideas, find reputable local contractors and more, all via Kukun. Plus get $100 when your loan is disbursed by applying through this page.*

Rates range from 6.99% APR to 22.23% APR (with AutoPay)5.

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No need to wait weeks for an appraisal. Get pre-qualified and receive your funds fast so you can get started right away.

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Unlike some home equity loans, there are no closing costs and no costly home appraisals.

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Without equity, it’s hard to get a HELOC on a new home. With SoFi, your home is not on the line.

Flexible Amounts

Borrow what you need—as little as $5,000 or as much as $100,000.

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The following examples depict the APR, monthly payment and total payments during the life of a $30,000 personal loan. All personal loan APR rates below are shown with the Autopay Discount (0.25%)5. Your actual interest rate may be different than the rates in these examples and will be based on term of loan, your financial history and other factors. State restrictions may apply.

Payment Examples

Fixed Rate Loans

Term Origination Fee Rate (APR) No. of Payments Monthly Payment Total Payments
2 Years None 6.99% – 18.95% 24 $1,343.04 – $1,511.53 $32,232.99 – $36,276.72
3 Years None 7.49% – 19.20% 36 $933.05 – $1,102.72 $33,589.76 – $39,697.80
4 Years None 8.84% – 20.95% 48 $744.27 – $928.16 $35,725.16 – $44,551.88
5 Years None 9.68% – 22.23% 60 $632.70 – $832.50 $37,961.88 – $49,949.71
6 Years None 11.13% – 17.90% 72 $573.02 – $682.54 $41,257.58 – $49,142.80
7 Years None 12.34% – 18.89% 84 $535.05 – $646.28 $44,944.39 – $54,287.62
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