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interest rate credit card



Interest Rate

13.00% APR*

Monthly Payment


5-Year Interest




Interest Rate

19.24% APR

Monthly Payment


5-Year Interest


Estimated savings with SoFi


Example chart shows calculations based on a 5 year SoFi Personal Loan with a fixed rate of 13.00% APR, which is the rounded average funded APR for SoFi personal Loan borrowers from Sept. 2019-August 2020. Lowest rates are reserved for the well-qualified borrowers. The ’High-Interest Rate Credit-Card’ APR shown is the average credit card APR reported by Wallethub for Q2, 2020 under their Good Credit category. The savings estimate also assumes that the borrower doesn’t take out additional credit card debt during the same period. Both calculations assume 60 total monthly payments and no pre-payment amounts.

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