Your go-to guide for college
financial planning.

When you sign up for SoFi, you get access to Edmit Plus — a tool that helps you
estimate financial aid, compare cost of attendance, or learn more about merit aid and scholarships available.

College finances, simplified.

Understanding one school’s value over another can be complicated. Edmit helps simplify the process by using data-driven
facts and figures to help you decide which school is the right choice for you. With their tools, you can:

Personalize your search

Edmit provides recommendations based
on your family’s finances and your
student’s academic merits.

Compare costs

Estimate the financial aid available to you
at different schools and see where you
could be saving the most.

Plan smarter

Build a financial strategy that includes your
scholarships, loans, and earning potential
of your intended major to help you make
decisions you can afford.

Just another perk of a SoFi membership.

As a SoFi member, you can get a head start on college financial aid planning with your complimentary access to Edmit Plus.

Edmit Plus includes:

Personalized scholarship and merit estimates

Data-driven school reports and recommendations

Industry-leading tools for college financial planning

Salary estimates based on your profile and major

Here’s how it works:

Sign up with SoFi

Create your free SoFi account. Once logged in, click the Edmit member benefit card at the top of the page.

Create Edmit account

After being redirected to Edmit’s website, sign up to begin your complimentary access to Edmit Plus.

Start exploring

You’re now signed up for Edmit Plus! Start using the tool to personalize and compare your options.

Sign up for a free SoFi account and
get access to Edmit Plus at no cost.


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