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credit card debt consolidation

A better way
to pay off high-interest
credit card debt.

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Consolidate your credit card debt
and get back in control.

Using a Personal Loan from SoFi to consolidate credit card debt could substantially lower how much you pay each month. Because most credit cards carry high interest rates, it’s nearly impossible to pay them off through monthly payments. A low fixed-rate personal loan can be easier to manage—and can save you a lot of money.

Why SoFi for
credit card debt consolidation?

Improve Credit

On average, members increased their FICORscores by 22 points after consolidating $10,000+ in credit card debt.6a

Fixed Pay Schedule

Choosing a fixed rate makes payments easy to track—and gives a target payoff date.

Save Money on Interest

With lower interest rates, you can pay off debt without compounding interest.

No fees, no catch

No application or origination fees. No pre-payment penalties.

See how a SoFi Personal Loan compares:

Many credit card owners opt to use a balance transfer to consolidate their debt, but this move often leaves people with the same problem they started with: high-interest credit card debt. Here’s how using an unsecured loan compares to just transfering your debt to another card.

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