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Fixed rates start at 2.74% and variable rates start
as low as 2.25% APR, when you enroll in AutoPay12.

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If you’re still paying off Parent PLUS loans, you could be overpaying. Save money and simplify your payments by consolidating Federal Parent PLUS loans with SoFi. No application or origination fees. No pre-payment penalties. Flexible rates. No wonder we’ve been trusted to fund over $50 billion+ in loans to date.

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Refinance and consolidate Federal Parent PLUS loans. Easily.

No Hidden Fees.
No Catch.

No application or origination fees. No pre-payment penalties.


Get a 0.125% rate discount✝︎✝︎ on an additional SoFi loan—just for being a member.

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Savings for you while your child focuses on education and career.

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Rates and Terms

We offer a range of options so you can optimize your monthly payments, lifetime cost, or speed of pay off. Choose the plan that fits your needs.

Variable Rate

Rates start from 2.25% APR to 5.52% when you enroll in AutoPay.12

Fixed Rate

Rates available from 2.74% APR to 5.97% when you enroll in AutoPay.12

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