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Get your dream home at a great rate.

Mortgage options to choose from.

Put as little as 5% down. For conforming home loans with a loan-to-value (LTV) greater than 80%, SoFi requires PMI. SoFi now offers loans on investment properties.

$0 Processing Fee. $500 bonus.

Save $1,495 on your processing fee* and qualify for a $500 cash bonus after your loan funds.

Help when you need it.

Our mortgage loan officers (MLOs) can guide you through the process—and we have financial advisors standing by to answer any other questions.

Buying a home?

No need to stress. We have dedicated MLOs that can walk you through each step so that you feel confident in the home-buying process. Plus, get access to educational tools and resources when you need them.

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Looking to refinance?

SoFi’s mortgage refinance process is fast and easy—and never has any shady hidden fees. Choose between a traditional refi, cash-out refi, or a student loan cash-out refi.

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