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Official Rules

The following describes the terms of service which apply to participation in the referral or account opening promotional programs (collectively, the “Referral Programs“) currently offered by Social Finance, Inc. (“SoFi“) and its affiliates. If you wish to participate in any Referral Program described below, you agree to the terms for such Referral Program described in Part I below, as well as the General Terms and Conditions in Part II, which apply to all Referral Programs.

*Please note that any friend whom you'd like to refer must use your specific product referral link in accordance with the terms and conditions associated with the specific promotional campaign for that link. By clicking “Share Link” and sharing your link with your friend, you agree that you have express consent to send your friend promotional messages about SoFi's products and services. Note you have separate referral links for (1) Personal Loans and Student Loans, (2) Checking and Savings accounts, or (3) Invest products. Only one referral reward and one welcome bonus per new customer, with the exception of referrals for new closed end unsecured installment loans. You will not receive multiple referral bonuses for the same friend taking advantage of multiple promotions, nor will your friend receive multiple welcome bonuses for taking advantage of multiple promotions unless they are for a new closed end unsecured installment loan that your friend has not previously obtained. You will receive an additional referral bonus for the same friend funding a new personal loan, new student loan refinance or new private student loan, provided the friend applies through the specific product's referral link and has not previously obtained that type of closed end unsecured lending product.

Each person referred should be someone you have a direct, personal relationship with. You may not distribute a Referral Link or otherwise solicit anyone through mass email, any form of commercial advertising or other similar means.

SoFi reserves the right to review, investigate, and disqualify anyone from participation in the SoFi Referral Program at any time, and reserves the right to not honor any referral which in our sole discretion was solicited in a manner inconsistent with the spirit or terms and conditions of the SoFi Referral Program.

Furthermore, SoFi Securities reserves the right to seek reimbursement from any customer (including by deduction from their Invest Account) of amounts paid as Referral Bonuses to customers solicited via mass solicitation. Please note that in certain circumstances the deduction of such amounts from their account may result in a negative balance.

Any person referred to a SoFi loan, SoFi Checking or Savings account, or SoFi Credit Card may not have an existing registered SoFi account. A person referred to a SoFi Invest account or SoFi Digital Assets account (for crypto) may have an existing SoFi registered account.

If account funding is required to meet referral bonus payout eligibility, P2P transfers or proceeds of a reward, promotion or similar program are not eligible methods of funding.

To protect the privacy of those you refer, referral prospect account information or eligibility is not, under any circumstances, permitted to be shared with referral promoters.

Program terms—Part I

General terms and conditions—Part II

$1,000 Medical and Dental Referral Offer: All referral program terms and conditions apply. Offer is subject to lender approval and not available to residents of Vermont. The offer is only open to new medical or dental Student Loan Refinance borrowers and may not be combined with other offers aside from the autopay discount. For both the referrer and referee to each receive a $1,000 bonus, the referee must: (1) register and apply for a medical or dental student loan refinance through the referral link provided; (2) meet SoFi’s underwriting criteria; (3) complete and fund a loan with SoFi; and (4) have or apply for a SoFi Checking and Savings or have a SoFi Money account to receive the bonus. Once conditions are met and the loan has been disbursed, both the referrer and referee welcome bonus will be deposited into their respective SoFi Checking and Savings or Money account within 30 calendar days. If the referrer and/or referee do not qualify for the SoFi Checking and Savings SoFi will offer payment via ACH pending completion of Form W9. Bonuses that are not redeemed within 180 calendar days of the date they were made available to the recipient may be subject to forfeit. Bonus amounts of $600 or greater in a single calendar year will be reported to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as miscellaneous income to the recipient on Form 1099-MISC in the year received as required by applicable law. Recipient is responsible for any applicable federal, state or local taxes associated with receiving the bonus offer; consult your tax advisor to determine applicable tax consequences. SoFi reserves the right to change or terminate the offer at any time with or without notice.

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